Aston Martin DB5 James Bond sold for $ 4, 7 million

Aston Martin - not cheap cars. But the one behind the wheel of which sat James Bonlieu, will cost considerably more expensive. 007 is expensive. RS William auto dealer specializing in special machines, hosts closed the sale of rare Aston Martin DB5. Although this 1965 classic car never hit the frame of the epic James Bond, he is the only surviving example of a demo created for promotional purposes. This Aston Martin is stuffed all the spy devices invented ingenious Dr. Q. And while the ordinary person is unlikely to need the chair catapult oil spray guns and dummies - are highly prized artifacts wealthy collectors. Estimated value of the Aston Martin DB5 is $ 4, 7 million. It significantly more than $ 4, 1 million, in which the film has managed the original sold in 2010.


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