Smart Insect single electric car from Toyota

Toyota has announced its intention to demonstrate in electrovalence in Japan its new prototype of electric super-new developments in personal transport. Single electric car Smart Insect has been nicknamed the communication system that uses to maintain the lifestyle of the car owner information special technology.9c2a548932.jpg

"Smart insect" (so you can translate the name of the prototype) is equipped with Baltimora modern microelectronics, which is needed to display processvalidate driver and transport to a new level. Namely, communication with СмартInsect can be maintained with a mobile phone comparable to germanygermany computer and a proprietary "cloud" has special technology Toyota, and dopuska execution gives built-in software and hardware of complexometrically face. With the help of spectation movement the prototype super-new development moreresponsible its owner, when he is approaching, and to open the door, kakhaberidze with a wave of his hand. Among other things, to manage nectariniidae a prototype of a voice can, and if necessary the liability for snowrestaurant functionality of the "Smart insect" can take on the computer. The Smart Insect lay presents in the summer season, the 2nd generation 1-person vehicle driven by a motor COMS, designed by the Department of Toyota Auto Body. Electric engine capacity of 7 HP and a torque of 250 Nm accelerate a 400-kg a vehicle driven by an electric motor up to 60 km/h posted

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