A bit of nostalgia

Everyone in your personal development follows the development of its kind. He first unicellular, then like a fish, and then falls into four limbs, then two, learning to talk, build homes, create weapons, hunting ...

Today I invite you to remember the tools by which we maimed, traumatized each other, infuriated teachers hunted doves and tried to kill each other in childhood and adolescence.

Bows with elastic from his underpants instead of string, swords made of planks of wood and drawers of glass panels of the covers from vyvarok I will not describe.

I'll start with the most likely, the prevalence of child throwing weapons of our time - with a slingshot.

The first slingshot, with whom I met as a child, made of thick wire and Hungarian. Shoot of them had spools - bent in half lengths of aluminum wire or a broken twice as tightly curled paper. The most assiduous soldered bending the aluminum bobbin and a bit more tin - to weight. Especially cool was considered to make a drop came sharpened.

It looked like this all about:

Some believed that it is more convenient when slingshot horns curved like so:

Cripple a slingshot was impossible (except when in the eye), but ruffle, especially if a few people begin to pursue one - easily.

School teachers, of course, the students tried to remove a slingshot, but because there was also a secret option - simply Hungarian with eyelets, which he put on his fingers:

Our parents, seeing all this mess frivolous, grinned ... "That's our time ..." - used to say they were ... In general, the older generation to pass us the secret of making this classic slingshot - made of wood (often hazel) and medical rubber band with sewn casing thread:

From a slingshot could shoot stones, ball bearing, but more often used as projectiles "bzdycha" (green plums). Of these slingshots at each other we did not shoot (dangerous) - our target became pigeons, cats, cans and glass bottles. It was a wonderful weapon - a beautiful and powerful :).

Close relative slingshots were thrown out of the tube device and fingertip.

It looked roughly like this:


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