Unusual Italy: a vivid journey through the Amalfi coast

The travel route along the Amalfi coast — one of the most unusual and beautiful places of Italy. Miles of sheer cliffs and crashing on them waves of the sea, orange and olive groves, colorful houses on the slopes of the mountains, ancient churches and villas — Amalfi coast is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and not without reason inscribed in the UNESCO World heritage site. The southern part of the Peninsula of Sorrento is just made for so you can soak up the warm Italian sun, to descend into underwater caves, try the most delicious in the world Limoncello of Amalfi lemons, a giant, walk through the orange gardens and get lost in the alleys of the old mansions.



The miniature town of Positano in a valley between the mountains and the sea looks like baby cakes from the coloured houses amongst the orange and olive trees. The main attraction of Positano is the Church of the virgin Mary Assunta with the miraculous icon "Black Madonna" and the mosaic dome of multi-coloured majolica, which begins to Shine with the first rays of dawn. Hiking is waiting for "Path of the gods" — a steep pathway from Positano to Praiano.


Praiano , a cozy Little town for a relaxing Spa vacation. With numerous paths and ladders Praiano offers scenic views, and the local trattoria, guests are treated to the delights of the Amalfi cuisine — fish baked in salt, a salad with mozzarella, tomatoes and Basil, and for dessert, lemon cream, and figs with nuts and chocolate. Fans of architecture and art will be fascinated by the old churches Praiano with majolica tiles and paintings of famous Italian artists.


Furore is a Tiny village with olive trees, vineyards, water mills and ladders, descending from the rocky shores to the sea. Treasure furore —the only one in the Amalfi coast, the fjord: a deep crevice forms a cosy harbour with a small beach and colorful houses, nesting on the cliffs. Between the rocks, at a height of 30 meters above the sea, spanned by a picturesque stone bridge arena annual championship in high diving, jumping into water from a height.


Conca dei Marini

The former fishing village is today a quiet resort with gorgeous scenery, olive and lemon groves, and whitewashed buildings with tile roofs. The town is well known for its "Emerald grotto": the sunlight penetrates the cracks in the rock and reflected from the surface of the lake that fills the cave amazing green light. From the bottom of the lake lurks underwater composition depicting the birth of Christ. To get to the grotto you have to go by stairs or by Elevator, and then a little boat.

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Amalfi is a Charming town, named, according to legend, the name of the beloved of Hercules, and is a labyrinth of narrow stairs and houses with roof gardens. Here cherish the ancient craft traditions: Malinska brocade, ceramics and handmade paper is well known and outside of Italy, so tourists always have something to pamper yourself in the local souvenir shops. The Amalfi coast is famous for the liqueur Limoncello, which is made from a local variety of lemons large, juicy and extremely fragrant. Tasting the drink is the most interesting on the "lemon festivals" which are held in the summer throughout the region.


Atrani is Only a 10-15 minute walk from Amalfi scenic trail and you are in atrani, one of the most beautiful Italian villages. White grapes harvesting to the rocks houses, narrow streets and courtyards with arches, clean sea and beaches, charming atrani often been the backdrop of movies and commercials. With the main square surrounded by old houses, with a spectacular sea view. Look at one of the local restaurants to try the signature dish of atrani, "sarchiapone" — oven baked zucchini, stuffed with meat and cheese.


Ravello and Its popularity obliged Ravello for spectacular views of the Gulf of Salerno. The city card — the ancient Villa Rufolo, where often stopped by the German composer Richard Wagner. Now in the courtyard of the Villa is the Wagner festival of symphonic music and with its beautiful terrace with a magnificent view of the city, orchards and Amalfitana Riviera. Another attraction of Ravello is Villa Cimbrone, with shady paths, a rose garden and "Terrace of infinity" with the best sea view on the Amalfi coast. Both villas are open to visitors.


Minori is One of the oldest villages of the coast is favored by celebrities Minori deserves at least a short stop to eat pasta local cooking and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The narrow streets are full of rhododendrons, lemon and orange trees, and in the heart of Minori, stands the Basilica of the Holy Trofimena, built in the XII century. In August Minori plays host to a jazz festival, and in September — fans of classical music concerts which are held in historic buildings of the city.


Cetara is a Charming village, which to this day continue the fishing tradition. The name Cetara comes from the ancient word "Hatari", which translates as "fishers of tuna" — a city long known for his original technique of catching this fish is alive. Beach of Cetara is literally dotted with colorful fishing boats with nets and local restaurants is able to satisfy the most demanding seafood lovers. Untouched nature, clean beaches, quiet and measured life of Cetara attracts lovers of secluded relaxation.


Vietri Sul Mare is a Cozy village on the Italian coast, which the locals call "the gates of Amalfi" — it will be the first on your way, if you start your journey in the opposite direction from Salerno. Vietri Sul Mare offers its guests a sun-drenched turquoise bays, magnificent views of the Tyrrhenian sea, secluded beaches and souvenir shops where tourists spend the master-classes on painting ceramics.published


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