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Have You ever had something that You are in shock at a certain point, life, inspiration, on a horse? When You didn't care how you look from the side to the other, and You were very good with yourself. And at this time you have everything worked out, and that's when you had interesting people.

And there are times when you are dissatisfied and totally dissatisfied with, and therefore others too hard with you to be.

I want to tell You that the only quality that attracts people's attention and need to talk to You or stand next to is not Your talents, not Your skills, not Your skills, not even in Your kindness, and in the harmony, in the plenitude of energy, which you have in the moment.

The entire surrounding society, most of the modern celebrities we demonstrate this law – people appreciate and are drawn to one who possesses an excess of vitality.

And since we are not able to accumulate and store energy as the gas station tanks, we are "running mechanism" — through us flows the energy. And often, unfortunately, happens that comes to us energy very quickly dissipates, we are not able to hold her back (wasted on the States that are not constructive).

But the main thing is to fill your energy flow can anyone, even one who considers himself the absolute ordinary, absolutely not possessing any particular talents. Namely, our energy within us suddenly opens the magic doors, small gorochki, and there may be large Windows to the possibilities you never knew existed. Exactly what is happening in each person's life – from the excess force he spreads his wings!

You suddenly learn that caring only about yourself and that You feel good, taking care of your resource, ensuring that Your body is comfortable worn to Your eyes stared at the surroundings, to breathe, to be comfortable in this particular shoes, this specific clothing, the underwear, to keep You well at Your table to eat exactly what You want to eat, and not what was found in a cafe or something that You somehow decided you need to cook for your family...

There are many moments that help a person to create a permanent resource generation. And here even not so much important qualitative component (that You expensive clothes or a super-duper restaurant Breakfast), as the time and attention You choose to devote to yourself.

I'm happy to see how great discoveries are a woman over, usually the second year after the passage of the serious courses. When, indeed, every moment of life becomes valuable when we learn and are able to get pleasure from the simple action. No matter it's wash dishes or prepare clothes, or is it a Cup of tea, slowly drinking in his beloved kitchen. I am happy that our girls are discovering it is the everyday moments of joy.

But I want to draw the attention of those who are still too busy fighting with the bad in my life or forcing yourself to improve in the good, losing such an important moment. Any goal You want to achieve, is still connected with communication.

Even if You want to make a purchase yourself, You need to communicate with sales agents or employees of some firms. If You want to solve the problem with the work, or education, or moving, you need to put around himself a favorable relationship. Personally to You on time and well assembled the furniture personally to Your request treated carefully, personally with Your child in the school met tolerant, or, at least, treated him with tolerance.

Although this is a difficult question. But, nevertheless, if You yourself aim to be a resource, and Your children are in a secure field where they did not hurt.

Recently one of our wonderful cadets gave an example. After a steady focus yourself on gratitude myself favorite because so well I go through life, so I was able to learn not to wound, not a scratch on the counter harsh words or unfair comments someone...

This beautiful woman gave the example that at the parent meeting at school, the teacher was ribbing her daughter about whining (the girl is still in Junior high to learn). Another mom felt humiliated, because from the point of view of the teacher it was a manifestation of the whims, weaknesses, etc. and our mom did not pay attention to it. When her neighbor communication in a PTA meeting says:

"Here's how your daughter ran over a teacher!". But my character said very calmly, "And I think that the sensitivity for girls is very good. Enthusiasm and tears appear exactly the same from joy as from sadness. She's a girl. She must be able to feel".

She's not even perceived as an attack the behavior of the teacher, which usually knocks long out of the rut of other people, not being of concern to conservation of the resource.

I'm not talking about replicas, husbands, mother-in-law, colleagues etc When You are aiming the content of the resource, that surprised even the people who have caused You some inconvenience, they begin with great reverence apply to You. As if afraid to hurt your feelings, although You don't be rude and not say anything in response.

What can we say about people who are happy to come in contact with You better for her party! A characteristic feature of the successfully passed course my any transformation. When at the end people write: "began to speak With me on the street" "I noticed, they all want me to stand up at work (or be close to me somewhere in other place)." Despite the fact that You do not tell others about his way, never learn. You are all busy — busy. But You become a magnet that attracts good attention of other people.

I would like to say that our profound error about the fact that the value determined by external qualities: "Behold the man knows this, and here it is well done. But I do not know how to do this, and I'm not done."

If you look deeper, you will see that he is able, precisely because it comes naturally. But for You there is something different that You take for granted.

And at the beginning of this route (making your own energy flow in your life) moments of the natural expression of something that brings You joy, you are alone with him in a very favorable minutes. And when You embark on this path, you begin to see that Your value increases in proportion to your amount of energy.

Here I want to tell you a little bit of a downside to this magnetism. While You are at the beginning of my life's transformational journey, you can greatly impress the people with negative charisma. Ie people who behave violently, or aggressively, or cynical, a consumer, to be Frank, with ill people, people who use others. But at the same time filled with love to yourself (in that human sense, which is closer to the word "narcissism"). They are filled with energy, they are just like a giant plant which eats from all around.

Because these people have a strongly developed lower chakras, they have a lot of energy (chakras). And Your deficit of these chakras causes You to be attracted to these people.

If you still don't really understand your energy and suffer from lack of power, lack of confidence, lack of acceptance of his feminine nature, praise of her body (unhappy with what your body or how you move, etc.), then no matter how convinced yourself that You have done, no matter visited a lot of trainings, no matter how you developed or trained, the better You become outwardly, the more you have the feeling that you still not enough.

So, when you begin to take care of yourself, and you arrives your natural life force, only then any classes on discovering your talents, any any aspirations to self-improvement will really bear fruit. And while you want to improve yourself to become better, You have this black hole not going anywhere, because the domestic lack of energy caused by dissatisfaction. It's like a hole through which everything falls away.

So the first thing you need to learn to do in life in order to be an interesting conversationalist (if you want them to be) or just an attractive someone close to you is not training the techniques of communication and not finding the right phrases, and taking care of their own internal condition, about understanding yourself and your resource.

And most importantly is something that is very important in consciousness to change priorities. You will learn to feel comfortable alone with themselves and with their loved ones, feeling valuable in their environment. Create this habitat, learn how to block the energy drain, which will allow you to be in flow and feel its value.

It all starts from the inside. When we feel filled inside, then outside life confirms it to us. But when we try to conceal his inner feeling of lack of perfection and lack only the external improvements, the more we force ourselves to master both, and the fifth and the tenth, the less effect. We just get tired of it. And, in the end, nothing you want.

So remember that inside you is hidden jewel that nobody else repeats. And maybe a diamond. And only depends on you how you take care of the window for this jewel, the space for this jewel. As you create a beautiful interior inside, so she can sparkle all the facets, and it would be visible from the outside.

The interior itself is created taking care of yourself. And then miraculously shy people become the center, slow undecideds suddenly become nimble participants in a collective game... And many other transformations take place.

And I advise you sincerely, if you have a feeling of discomfort that you do not reach that inner ideal which want to develop: allow yourself simply to learn the internal flow of energy. If you work on the course, you know what I'm talking about. Good intentions are virtually impossible to implement when you don't know how to do it. Because the inner voice, the familiar voice of perfectionism that says, "No, not so! It should be different! What are you, a wuss so, go ahead," continues to babble and prevents you to be realized.

So turn around to face him, take care of yourself and remember that nothing but choice in the matter doesn't bother us. Now.

And I have to say that for those who have not yet passed the course "Life in abundance forces", we start a new thread in resource condition. And for those who lack this confidence in your place in this life, I am invited to this course, especially now huge discounts. published

Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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