This recipe will save you from pain in the legs and neck for 7 days

Works! A long time ago I read the advice of a military doctor about how to keep your joints in good condition and to eliminate issues associated with them. I recently tested it on himself and found that this recipe is actually a miracle!

If you have problems with pain in the joints, back, legs and neck, this recipe is for you!


— Buy at any store 150 g of any edible gelatin (enough for a full course of treatment for 30 days). In the evening, pour 5 g gelatin (two teaspoons without top) a quarter Cup of chilled fridge water.

— Allow the solution to stand at room temperature.

When gelatin swell, this mass is over the night will turn into jelly.

— In the morning drink this mixture on an empty stomach. If you are disgusted with its taste, you can add juice, honey, yogurt or sour cream. Anything you could swallow.

— Repeat this procedure for 7 consecutive days. People who follow this recipe, they say that it really eliminates back pain, feet and spine. A week later they cease to notice them!

— The full course of treatment lasts one month. Through it is possible not more often than every 6 months. It is a proven method to restore the "lubrication" of the joints.

Many people do not believe it works. Gelatin and prefer instead to use a full chemistry pain medicine. They do not inspire confidence for such a "primitive" method of treatment.

Why gelatin is beneficial for the joints? Gelatin is a product of animal origin which is produced as a result of processing the connective tissue of large horned livestock — tendons, bones, collagen. So it has a positive effect on the state of internal fibers and small vessels. Plus, it contains two amino acids: Proline and hydroxyproline. Both effectively restore the connective tissue of the body.

And again. Gelatin stimulates the growth and volume of connective tissue, which is very important in the case of the affected joints.

Here's another useful properties of gelatin: — Strengthens joints and heart muscles;

— Improves metabolism;

— Increases mental abilities;

— Supports healthy skin;

— Attached to ligaments and tendons elasticity; — Prevents the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis;

— Accelerates the growth and strengthening of hair and nails;

— Save you from dysplasia.

In my personal experience I can say that for the first 7 days of this therapy I got rid of the pain and "stiffness" in the neck. I have amassed due to the fact that my job is to sit at the computer. After a month pains in the joints and tingling in the fingers. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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