10 cozy towns, which are not known to tourists

If you don't want your vacation limited to standard directions and routes, I advise you to look at small European cities. They have more charm than the hyped capital, and offer a quiet, measured rest. Bacharach. Germany

Once Victor Hugo called this town "the most charming in the world", and even today it is difficult to disagree. Probably from the time of the great writer, little has changed, there still hovers the spirit of the middle Ages: all the same half-timbered houses decorated with pine beams, old churches and cobbled streets. Here is worth visiting to feel the atmosphere, to try typical German sausages with sauerkraut and drink the local wine, which is the hallmark of the town.


Manarola. Italy

While traveling in Italy, you should head North and visit the national Park of Cinque Terre, which consists of five small villages built into the cliffs and connected by underground roads. Manarola is the most picturesque village of them. Colorful houses entered directly into the overhanging mountains. The village is surrounded by vineyards and the local wine is famous for its intoxicating ease. At the Marina you can rent a small boat and go for a walk by the sea. From the sea offers gorgeous views of the quaint town.


Odense. Denmark

Only in this fabulously beautiful city could be born the best storyteller of all times and peoples Hans Christian Andersen. Perhaps in his works he described the Odense, where he spent his childhood. Small houses, narrow streets and medieval castles — it seems now from the corner will the shepherdess and the chimney sweep. Today travelers (admittedly, quite rare) come to Odense to give a tribute to the famous writer and Garden of Hans Christian Andersen. Also you can visit the house-Museum storyteller and well preserved castles of Egeskov and Nyborg.


Gent. Belgium

Quite famous among Europeans, but not known to our travelers, the small town of Ghent can be called the Belgian Venice. It's all covered with the branches of the river Lis, there are lovely boats. There are not many attractions, but the impression is that here, every house is memorable, because Ghent has a surprising architecture and even everyday buildings that have been preserved from the XVI century.


Albarracín. Spain

A reason this town is considered a national treasure of Spain and was voted the most beautiful city in the country. And you didn't hear about it? Urgently it is necessary to correct this misunderstanding! Albarracín is famous for its history, which dates back before BC, natural resources (in the nearest slopes among the green forest hiding a small picturesque streams and waterfalls)... and door handles. Every door of every house in town is made by hand by local craftsmen and has its own unique feature.


Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tourists do not favor increased attention to this country, and especially a small city like Mostar. But in vain! Colorful and cozy, it was founded in the XV century on the banks of the river Neretva. Since then experienced a lot of fights and battles, but miraculously preserved historical centre. Business card of Mostar — Old bridge that connects the two rocky shores on which the city is located. Let this city one day, but spent the day just will not be sorry.


Torun. Poland

Our neighbor Poland is also able to surprise those who decide to deviate from standard routes to explore something more than just Krakow and Warsaw. Torun is located in the North of the country and is popular among the poles themselves. They come here to better know its history and culture, after all, this town still holds the secrets of the middle Ages.


Olomouc. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the embodiment of our ideas about European life, and even such a small town like Olomouc, in the East of the country, despite a long history, today has a busy cultural life. The city is like one big Museum under the open sky, and a simple walk because it seems exciting.


Giethoorn. Netherlands

The highlight of this village is that there are no cars, no roads. Instead, the canals and boats. And local residents "Park" their boats right next to green sites. All the houses are private with the characteristic thatched roof, and around which are divided into flowering gardens. To live here is probably boring, but if you visit Giethoorn for just a day or two, it will seem that he was in a parallel reality, where everyone lives peacefully and happily.


Bled. Slovenia

The resort town of bled is a Paradise for those who want to enjoy nature, walk in the mountains, swim in the pristine lake and enjoy the fresh air. This quiet town is famous not only natural wealth, but also an unusual Church on a small green island in the middle of a small lake. published


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