Simple nutrition tips for women on every day by Yogi Bhajan

The woman needed the almonds. Every day you need to add in food 1 teaspoon of almond oil cold pressed. It is believed that this reduces cholesterol and cleanses the body of toxins. Your skin will always remain healthy and radiant. You can use the same way and sesame oil, which is beneficial to the female body.

In the day you should eat five peeled almonds. They will prevent contamination of the body. Soak the nuts overnight and in the morning it will be easy to remove their skins. Almonds always need to peel, except for those days when a woman is menstruating, because the peel of almonds is a natural astringent.
Bananas and raisins contain potassium, necessary for the women to maintain a good mood. You need to eat a banana a day. Try also to eat 10 raisins each morning and evening in 16 hours.
Garlic, onion and ginger is three roots, which occupy an important place in the yogic diet. In the tradition of Kundalini yoga, they are called "triple root" and help make your yoga practice more productive. It is believed that onions purifies the blood, ginger is useful for the nervous system, and garlic is a great way to improve digestion and is a good natural antibiotic. Rice bran is a great food additive.

Chili peppers and Cayenne pepper help against depression.
Rest is necessary to good digestion, as well as moderate physical activity, such as walking, during which the massage of organs of digestion and excretion. After the meal is recommended 10 minute break in order to mind-body switched to the process of digestion.
Digestion begins in the mouth, and Yogi Bhajan always said that you will never have any problems with digestion if you chew each bite at least 60 times before I swallow it. It is also important how you swallow your food. Calmly focus your energy on eating, and not "swallow" her on the run.
Prefer Sattva yoga food: simple, clean and healthy. Avoid the intake of processed food and chemical additives, preservatives and dyes. For women the ideal that food is eliminated from the body within 18 hours. For too long the meat stays in the digestive tract and may begin to rot. It can create the conditions for the occurrence of colon cancer. More important than what you eat and how you digest food and clear the intestines. Tea made from fennel seeds (just boil fennel seeds in water for a few minutes) is a great remedy to improve digestion and relieve gas.published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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