Your life depends on Your thoughts

The life of each of us depends on our thoughts. Psychologists say that thoughts have tremendous energy potential. You should know that in this case we are not talking about the random and chaotic thoughts, and those that excite the mind purposefully and relentlessly. Doctors believe that to balance the neuro – physical state should develop the ability to think purposefully and consciously. Consciously to think correctly means to be able to get my thoughts in order and to ensure that they were not of a destructive nature. A scientifically established fact that most people don't even think about the fact that their thought process is not uncontrolled phenomenon.

It also happens that the fact of occurrence of thoughts in the mind can not only contribute to the decline of mood, but also to provoke the development of diseases. Psychologists observed that there is a link between the seemingly distant at first glance, the phenomena of physiology and intellect.

It is inconceivable, but the fact that the appearance of festering abscesses quite often associated with a desire for revenge. Healers such patients are advised to take note that their troubling thoughts about the evil caused corrode not only the soul but also the body. You should not dwell on the desire for revenge, and to try as soon as possible to forgive the offender and let go of resentment in order to accelerate the process of their own recovery.

But the inconvenience and suffering associated with adenoids in a child, as a rule, arise when relationships between family members are burdened with complaints, grievances and frequent intrafamilial squabbles. A radical means of help for a sick child will not willfully feigned reassurance that he is loved by his parents and other family members, and a sincere establishment in the family microclimate love and care about each other and about a sick child.

Many have to grieve at the sight of a succession of injuries and accidents that usually happen in the fact that the person is unable to speak aloud about nagging problems and needs. This is usually in the warehouse of his character are people who prefer the factor of violence through the use of which they believe they can get rid of all their problems. Secretly cherished their aggression and focus on others is returned to them. About the same here on the website in the article "Forgiveness, deliverance, recovery." Command given on a subconscious level, "attack!" and if due to certain circumstances it cannot be enforced against the destroyer of peace, that all this aggression is being implemented in relation to his own body.

Psychologists in such cases, to stop repeating the facts of accidents (cuts, sparivanii, bruises, broken bones and other injuries), primarily recommended to the patients to get rid of overwhelming the soul of aggression and to establish his soul in peace.

The futility of existence – a rich soil for the flourishing of alcoholism. A person suffering from this defect, you can restore the feeling of lost value of life, re-learn how to distinguish between the uniqueness of the colors and joys of life.

The denial of man's own power often leads to the emergence of allergies. This patient needs to understand that both inside man and outside him there is the same power that he needs to learn to manage. Outside world via, say, the scent of flowers or dog hair and other effects, causing hypersensitivity, there is only a reminder to the person about his inability to accept himself as an indivisible whole organism.

Recurring sore throat and loss of voice is bells, in essence, that a person is under the influence failing to act in defence of their rights. You must have the courage to strongly Express their wishes, but at the same time, a sober assessment of the realities of their capabilities.

On the basis of a suffocating overwhelming love, usually occurs asthma. Such a patient should resist the impact of a loved one, learn to live your own understanding of the rules of the relationship. Since ancient times, the sages advised to constantly between the partners freely walked the breeze.

When distrust of life caused by the unwillingness to submit to the global alternating rhythms of Yin and Yang, people suffering ambisonic. In this state it is recommended to remember that without inhalation, no exhalation. And, unfortunately, one who does not sleep at a set time for this, deprives himself of the realities of life.

From the experiences of phlebology known that varicose veins are just a result of the decline of the spirit of the patient and his confusion in the face of life events. The feeling of the surge forces at work evoke in him a sense of compassion for yourself. The patient needs to find in others an understanding of the fact that no burden is not a burden only to those who can understand the higher meaning of their actions.

If the patient as a member of society refuses to proceed in its development, does not want to continue to go forward in life, these symptoms often indicate that the patient's legs.

Diseases of the upper part of the leg indicates that the patient has its own claim to those who are engaged in his education as a child — to parents and teachers. If the patient consciously and sincerely forgive their unscrupulous teachers, the process of healing will come and the achieved results will be sustainable. In the circumstances of the realization of the importance of forgiveness should be understood that became useful for the forgiving of the efforts of educators and is stay under their care for him a useful life lesson. The patient should accept the fact that his own experience is only a generalization, in the circumstances of why adults are treated with other guys not like the cost to him personally.

Disease of the lower leg are the product of those fears coming from the future and unwillingness to understand the reality of life today. It is important in such circumstances come to the conclusion that the encountered obstacles can and should be, at least under the pretext, to get around. It is essential to determine the moment when to start to circumvent them. And of course, the sooner will come the thought, the faster your fears will be left behind.

Most often, the pain in the ears and ear disease have those who stubbornly wants to hear. On a subconscious level the kids don't want to hear their parents ' disputes, and because of this they have diseases of the ears. Should just caress the baby. To sit with him. Tell him, without conscious hypocrisy, a pile of words about him, about caring for mom and dad, his generous grandparents, as his illness step by step begin to recede. The power of kind words to parents, of course, should not replace the medical care of a physician. You should know that the best doctor is unable to return sensitive hearing child in a state of internal mental stress not to hear unwanted.

The category of people who are internally agree to give to others not only their power and authority, often found parasites. The process of getting rid of restless toadies can be quick and successful only if the indomitable desire of the patient to build their life on the principles of self-reliance and getting rid of the alien command.

Those who deny himself and needing protection, as a rule, are overweight. By nature such people are endowed with talents and abilities, but the weakness of them that they can not determine the direction in which the possible realization of their creative abilities and talents. These people should long and hard to think about the idea of the sphere of activity, where you will have the opportunity to realize their talents.

Everything that takes place around human reality through the eyes represents the ability to tell him about the events. Children's also is hyperopia for parents stating that the child is burdened by the atmosphere of family scandals. But myopia is just a result of fear of the future that people not only want to know and see, but excludes the idea of what will happen next. A bleak future inexplicably manifests cataract. This is typical of people for whom their future is covered with shroud of darkness. Often a consequence of anger, covering my eyes, manifested by barley.

The epitome of maturity of human decisions, serve the teeth. The inability to bite into knowledge, and to crack new ideas as a rule, the body reacts to the weakness and diseases of the teeth. To change your status, the patient will be able only the manifestation of them integrity, and determination in all crucial moments of life. To him should come the understanding that in any situation the most important purchase will be a personal experience. Each attempt to evade the need to make their own decisions will only aggravate the disease of the teeth.

The reluctance of a person to communicate with others kindly and gently point the coughs and coughing (of physiological origin). It is the patients cough and cough often prefer the "bark" of the world. Patients with this sickness have suffered greatly from indifference on the part of a certain part of others. They tend to ensure that can do that share of attention which they receive at the moment from another part of the people.

Many people of the society, was in constant fear because of the triggered by socio – economic shocks, have breathing problems. These patients are at a subconscious level, fear for the strength of the space that they legally owned to date. They are urged to reconsider their attitude to life. To this category of members of society to get rid of their ailments, they need to be willing to live a full free life using fully the rights and freedoms conferred by democracy.

A feature of those who are obsessed with outdated dogmas, and who persists in being unwilling to accept new, progressive, who firmly tied to the past and prefers to torment himself and others, he often suffers from constipation. All such patients need to meet with all new promising ideas and to find an acceptable compromise between the traditions of the past and innovation of new life. The desire to get rid of frequent and painful constipation them just from a medical point of view in any way it is impossible to be rabid conservatives.

Patients who do not wish or even think to part with old grievances, often affected by tumors, benign and malignant tumors. Poison from long-standing resentment, filling and herbs the soul of such a patient's negative emotions and anger, and affect the flesh, which is unable to withstand all sorts of tumors. Unwise and dangerous to load your life with thoughts of Unforgiven grievances. Life cannot be turned back, and past mistakes are bound to go into oblivion. Is it worth it to look at the offense and the offender of the last meaningful look to them for the rest of my life to spend in a hospital bed? After all, the whole experience of our ancestors proves that it is easier to forgive the abuser and the rest of your life to spend happily. published


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