10 minute activities for busy

Modern man is forced by the day to spin like a squirrel in a wheel – work, housework, minor household duties. The time is almost gone. But there is a way to keep myself in good shape and to spend no more than ten minutes. As it turned out, in 10 minutes you can do very much. For this you may need not constraining movements clothes, a stopwatch that is in every phone, and dumbbells (no dumbbells two bottles of water). Exercises can be performed both at home and on the street. It is recommended to do if there are no problems with joints, bones and heart.


Exercise for 10 minutes for the legs and the press

1 min warm up, 1.5 minutes to warm up, 6 min basic exercises, 1.5 min. – stretching.


Rotate hips in a circle and in counterclockwise.(20 sec.) In the standing position bend over and put your palms on your knees, turn them. (20 sec.) To rotate in the air the soles of each foot over and counterclockwise. (20 sec.) WARMING up

Walk in place, raising their knees high. (45 sec.) Jump on one place. (45 sec.) THE MAIN UPRAJNENIYA

Squats. (1 min) Lunges in different directions. (1 min) bench press. (1.5 minutes) Squat, jumping up. (1 min) Perform the exercise "Bicycle". (1.5 minutes) STRETCH

Lying down pull one knee to your chest while leaving the other leg flat. (30 sec.) Do the same with the other leg. (30 sec.) In the sitting position to spread his legs as wide as possible and make the bends to each leg alternately. (30 sec.)

Exercise for 10 minutes for hands

1 min warmup, 1 min. warm up, 6 min basic exercises, 2 min. – stretching.


The clenching and unclamping fists. (20 sec.) Circling smooth hands. (20 sec.) Put the fists on the shoulders, and lift up the queue of hands. (20 sec.) WARMING up

1. The rotation of the hands at the same time with the jumps. (1 min.)


Push-UPS depending on the load level (floor, table, walls). (1.5 minutes) Reverse pushups (with his back turned to the floor or table), with an emphasis on hands. (1.5 minutes) Pressing the palm of your hand with the dumbbells to the shoulders, in turn, do not sharp lunges forward. (1.5 min.) Breeding hands with dumbbells in hand and stand. The feet put shoulder-width apart. (1.5 minutes) STRETCH

Alternately set up your hands behind your head and presses on the elbow. (1 min.) Raise hands up, closed their back to the castle. (30 sec.) Raise hands up, closed their palm. (30 sec.) Also busy people we recommend to pay attention to the TABATA method. This set of exercises helps to lose weight, but it requires a lot of effort. published

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