What every woman should know over the age of 30

These rules of life for women are written in blood, as the safety instructions on the walls of the institutions. They gave me a hard time, but for each of them I'm ready to answer head. In strict compliance with their good mood, flourishing appearance and bright busy life guaranteed.

So grab a Cup of strong coffee, sit by me and listen.

You will surely admire the beauty of Monica Bellucci. Its special style and charm will leave no one indifferent. Even if you appreciate another kind of beauty, you certainly will agree with me that it just looks gorgeous and attracts all the men around.

How do you explain this phenomenon without reading these rules? I think you are saying to yourself: "This Italian lovely. Nature has given her gorgeous hair, plump lips, exciting forms. With a background like that any is pretty! Here is a natural beauty! Not that my humble appearance!"

Admit it, you said within themselves something like that! Then allow me to disappoint you. Not long ago, my eye caught the picture: a woman in a sheepskin coat similar to the Sparrow. With short hair and without makeup. Modest, nondescript. I looked closely – father! Yes, it's Monica Bellucci! In photoshop it changed the way she looked, dressed in ordinary things. It turned out that Monica is not only a unique heredity beautiful Italian girls, but also years of sleek style and expensive clothes, cosmetics, jewelry.

You have no idea how important each of these circumstances. I analyzed all the pictures of a sex symbol in recent years. Everywhere there is the heel, thin lace, expensive lipstick of the highest quality. Without it Monica would have been like for Monica, and, for example, the lolita Milyavskaya.

Girls, let's not kid ourselves that here we can save, and here she is fully dressed easier. 30 years and older the easier it is not necessary! And so our first rule I would formulate so:

– no after 30, a woman can't be gorgeous without having a budget If you internally agreed with my argument and broke up with the idea to become elegant, getting the outfit from the flea market, then the following paragraph you will agree more easily.

– no woman after 30 doesn't look good, not giving yourself enough time to the Money invested in appearance, work only when a woman devoting enough time to myself. A woman needs to sleep, rest and exercise. And it is not in the most beautiful clothes will be like a wilted rose in a chic vase.

I can already hear you outraged there, maybe even you now choked on the coffee. "I have a family!" shout me on the right. "I work a lot!" – heard on the left. "Sit down once!" – hisses at me in-about-from that lady to the left of the monitor. Nevertheless, each of them finds time for such unnecessary and stupid things, like watching another "soap", a visit to the hateful relatives and sitting in a donut shop. Maybe instead of wasting time on these dubious pleasures, run to the pool? And then the facial massage... Well, you get my point.


Maybe your coffee is hot. The better. Nothing will distract you from following the rules. And I ask you now to be especially careful. Because this rule is the cornerstone of this entire article. It is even more important than the first and second rules, as is the worm of doubt to settle in your soul, as all efforts come to naught. Well, tense? Listen!

– no after 30, a woman should not allow others to decide what to do This applies to moms, girlfriends, mother-in-law, but even more men. No woman should listen to the hiss of notorious men who will call her old and prophesy loneliness with cats. In 30 years, it's time to learn how to send such organisms in the pants in the direction they deserve.

You have no idea how many women would save your time, improve your appearance and mood, if this rule were still in elementary school. Adult, strong, able to take responsibility for themselves, the woman will not allow anyone to spoil her mood.

I will formulate the rule is even simpler: don't let any man on earth to decide for you who you want to be. To one day not Wake up, having lived the remainder of someone else's life. But I tell you, to learn how to apply this rule is not so simple. You have no idea how many "wolves in sheep's clothing" every moment is ready to strike at the fragile female self-esteem.

"Don't you think this dress is too open? Our age is wearing is ridiculous!" – tells you "true" friend. But who was she to decide for you what you deserve in a particular age?

"Every man today is all!" – says a man mauled vague age. It is clear that this queue if it is, then, not to him. However, fluffed tail and straightening his feathers, he insolently says to you: "Women are several times more than men! Therefore, all who are over 30 – the second grade!"

We many times heard this statement, I took it on faith without any verification. Meanwhile, it's not the 45th year, and gender disaster does not even smell. The difference, which is so fond of repeating to men, statistically reduced to 1-2%. What follows from this? Rule number four!

– no woman after 30 should not be a "second grade" At any age she can have fans. At any age she deserves only the best that you can afford. Never give up on yourself, on whatever sphere nor spoken. Love, career, beauty – all this can be at any age!

And now the most important thing!

– every woman after 30 has the right and duty to make ourselves happy If it turned out that up to 30 years, the fairy didn't fly in and fly not think, have to be fairy itself. To give yourself a chic dress to upgrade the shoes, hang on the delicate neck the necklace. No need to wait for favors from nature. After 30 every woman has the full right to deliver them herself!

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