How to protect your house from envy


It happens that in the house causeless quarrels arise, once outburst partner may even lead to the breakup, and the reason for this is the accumulation of negative energy. How to protect your house from envy and avoid trouble? You will help these tips.

Envy other people Your family happiness can be a serious obstacle in personal relationships. It is difficult to protect yourself from communicating with people who can carry negative energy in Your home. It happens that the hostility it feels from the environment close to You, who frequently visits Your house. It becomes very difficult to defend against destructive effects, when it arrives in Your aura constantly.

How to cleanse the house from negative?

First and foremost, it is necessary to regularly clean the house from negative energy. You will need some Holy water, Church candle and the herbs (wormwood, Melissa and dried rose petals). Cleaning from envy and energy conflicts in the 19th lunar day of each month.
First do the cleaning and try to throw out unnecessary and broken things. Holy water mixed with ordinary water. Avoiding your home clockwise from the main door to the threshold, sprinkle all the corners of the prepared water.

Then light a Church candle and walk in the same way all the room, stopping at each corner. Where the candle will sputter or smoke, concentrated negative energy. Place a candle in a saucer with salt that it burned down to the end. A piece of candle and used salt, wrap in a handkerchief and leave the house for three days.

The places where You find negative, you must additionally clean. To do this, grind in equal parts wormwood, Melissa and rose petals and put a small pinch in the places where the candle was making a crackling or smoked. Three days later, all you need to clean and wrap in a handkerchief along with a piece of candle, and the remainder of salt. This bundle must be discarded at the crossroads away from home. This rite will help You to eliminate causeless quarrel in the house and dissipate the energy of envy.

Express negativity cleansing in the house

Special attention should be paid to the mirrors. We must remember that after the visit to You negative-minded person who carries envy and destruction, it is imperative to take immediate action. Particularly intense negative energy accumulate mirror. You need to take the Holy water and wipe down all the mirrors in the house after You have a unwanted guest. This simple action allows you to restore to man all his thoughts and wishes for Your family.

How to avoid conflicts in the family?

If You have frequent conflict, You can harmonize your space. To do this in your bedroom, use a pair of objects. Placed near the bed two vases with a wide bottom and a narrow neck, You will be able to balance their personal relationships. Two identical dishes of round form, put in the kitchen will help to neutralize the quarrel on the household soil. Bamboo shoots on the windowsill in multiple rooms will allow you to dispel negativity and will deal with the envy of others.
It is very important that You start to pay attention to the signs. After Your home comes with bad intentions, You will immediately see the visual changes. Don't be afraid to protect themselves from envious and ill-wishers.

Every month on the 19th lunar day spend energy cleaning. You will see how Your life will change: the fighting would stop, things go uphill, the family will reign harmony and peace.published

Author: Julia Bazhenova


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