Method five fingers: a simple technique to achieve the goal

The method of "five fingers", proposed by L. Tiverton is a simple and affordable technique, in which each finger secured one of the controlled parameters of quality of achieving the goal.

A thorough analysis of the previous day this technique will help you to create the right mood for the next day.

One need only look at the palm of his right hand and the first letters of the names of the fingers remember parameters, based on which the control is made.

M (pinky) — THOUGHTS, knowledge, information.What's new I learned today? What knowledge acquired? What increased my competence increased professionalism? What new and important ideas today for me?

B (unnamed) — the PROXIMITY to the goal.What I did today and what we have achieved?

C (middle finger) is a STATE of mind.What was today my prevailing mood, the mood? Which was associated with positive emotions and high motivation?

At (index) — SERVICE assistance, cooperation.Than today I helped others? If I met new people? Improved my relationships?

B (thumb) — COURAGE, physical condition.What did I do today for my health, maintain my physical strength? Which allowed us to relax, rejuvenate? What I have done today to maintain health, physical fitness?

Analyze the results of the day, control the approaching goals and you will achieve. This compact and convenient method gives the possibility to quickly and accurately monitor how the day went. published


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