How to get rid of unnecessary things in the house

Most of us own just a huge pile of things that not only clutter up our house, but also make us feel uncomfortable. Most interesting is that once we begin to sort through the "pile," as we are surprised to find out that actually it has a lot of "important" and that in any case it is not necessary to throw it out because it is "very important."

In the end we are all the same "lot" with which we started. And how to make so that it turned into a "handful", and then, perhaps, disappeared altogether?

All really very simple: when you will undertake a thorough cleaning of your home, every thing you will hold in your hands, should pass a kind of test.
Hold the object for 2-3 seconds, and if it will not cause you any emotion or cause, but not very pleasant, you can kick him without regrets. Thus you can get rid of hundreds of things. This unused gifts, and clothing that does not suit us, and books we never read.

Rejection things on the principle of "like — dislike" actually has a useful property. Every time we say goodbye unnecessary subject matter, we loose a part of himself. And the more we release, the easier it will be to move on.

The first thing to scrutinize is the wardrobe. He is a major collector of unnecessary things. The last in the list will be different Souvenirs. Emotional connection with each of these commemorative items is obvious. But ask yourself whether you need all these old notes from friends and friends, many photographs and various figures?
Leave only what you really expensive.

We're not just in the apartment or closet, we are emotionally discharged the space surrounding us from objects that put pressure on us.

This whole laborious process is not in order to create free space and to clutter up again. The process of so-called rejection should always work even if you go just to the store for groceries. Thus, you are not allowed to enter the house to the subject, which will then be discarded.

The main thing is to treat your home as myself. Come to home furnishing with taste. Every thing must be in its place. Sort items by color, store them on hangers — this saves space. We put on things we do not go or do not like, and therefore in your home you have to keep only what brings us pleasure.

We should start to live by this principle, you will notice how much space in your home. Such attitude to things emotionally unloads your consciousness is like a breath of fresh air in a locked room.published

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