Cozy apartment of 33 square meters

The designer has optimized space – organized bedroom, kitchen and living room in a single room with partitions. It a secret with the two sides built a capacious niche for cabinets – used every spare centimeter. The kitchen was released from the top drawer, and large amounts of equipment. The author of the project Victoria Malysheva explained how on a modest area to accommodate 4 functional areas and not to be trapped. General information: Area: 33 square meters Bedroom: 1 Bathroom: 1 ceiling Height: 2.5 meters VMGroup – tandem private designers Victoria Malysheva and Xenia Drapeau. Girls work on the interiors of various complexity – from apartments-studios to sports complexes. Each new project for them is a new story, a little exciting life they create and live together with the customer. The project was created for a young girl. She appreciates the ease, naturalness and simplicity does not like to become attached to things. Active in sports, loves to travel and meet with friends. Directly from a threshold the mistress of the house announced that the finishing materials should be practical and budget. She wanted to obtain maximum open and bright space with minimal cost.



To make up the spare bed we have changed the configuration of the partition separating the hall area. We divided it into two parts: on the one hand in the bedroom equipped with a wardrobe, on the other – made dressing niche in the hallway. Finish Main material for walls – Wallpaper for painting. They will protect the walls from cracks in the plaster and will allow you to easily update the interior – simply repaint them. The bedroom area in headboard used the paneling for sound proofing, this wall is bordered by a corridor. Kitchen apron made of ceramic tiles "kabanchik" – it is now very popular. On the floor laid laminate is a good budget alternative to the parquet. In the hall area have relied on the Matt grey porcelain tiles. To protect the wall from scuffs and dirt, we used the paneling in the closet niche, as in the bedroom area.



Since the apartment is small, we had to consider a sufficient number of places for storage. Made a niche in the hallway for seasonal clothes and shoes, and the bedroom in the same recess arranged modular bookcase from IKEA. In the nightstand next to the bed you can store your personal belongings and stuff. In the living room put a large bookcase, beautiful boxes and lovely decor. In the kitchen decided to do only the lower cabinets to avoid clutter and so little space. Light as the ceilings are low, we did not want to reduce the height even more. So I abandoned the built – in fixtures in the entire apartment used chandeliers and spot. Only in the bathroom we lowered the ceiling to 7 inches – enough for the led module. In the hallway and in the kitchen hung lamps in the industrial style – they look like small spotlights. Over the dining table placed the pendant lamp and the living room was decorated with fancy chandelier with the Edison bulbs. In the bedroom closet niche we equipped the led backlight boxes. Table lamp on the bedside table adds warmth and makes the room truly home.


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