Insidious disease demodicosis: what is it and how to treat?

Demodicosis is an inflammatory disease caused by a parasite on the skin of opportunistic mites of the genus Demodex.

40-50 years ago this disease is met rather seldom and therefore many did not even know about the existence of such a parasite. Currently, we more often hear about. and, moreover, it was found that about 97% of the adult population are carriers of the mites! This means that under certain conditions, the chance of getting them there every person!

What is this insidious disease? What preventive measures should be taken to stay healthy? And how to treat demodectic mange, if after all this disease has not spared You a party to?

On human skin can parasitize mites 2 types — Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. They are very small – only 0.2 - 0.4 mm, so they can be seen only under the microscope: the body is worm-like shape with short legs and piercing-suckling mouthparts.

They live in sebaceous glands and hair bags eyelashes and eyebrows and feed on sebum. In normal quantity should not exceed 5 pieces per 1 square cm of the skin and 1 piece of 6 cilia. The result of cohabitation there is a strong equilibrium, where exposure to mites is suppressed by mechanisms of immune system of a healthy host. Moreover, there is a belief that Demodex even useful, as it is involved in maintaining normal PH balance of skin and prevents the growth into it of germs.

Hence, if you are the owner of a strong immune system and strong nervous system, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and you have everything in order with microflora, you this tick is not terrible!

It affects only those who have health problems – failure of the immune, endocrine, digestive system, chronic diseases, skin diseases, uncontrolled medication or hormonal medications and the presence of harmful habits. All of these factors violate the microflora of the skin and change the chemical composition of the sebaceous glands that may give rise to enhanced proliferation of the parasite. But does not exclude the possibility of infection with demodicosis in contact with the sick person, using a towel. Often there is an infection caused by the mite Demodex folliculorum Zheleznitsa.

The life cycle of zeleznici 15 days. Once in the cavity of the follicle, the female lays eggs, which after 60 hours larva appears. It grows and after 36 hours turns into pronymph, and after 72 hours in the nymph, which has mobility and moves around the skin. After 60 hours, she becomes adult and gets back into the follicle, where it lays eggs and dies.

Although off-host tick is not propagated, but it may remain for some time a viable. At room temperature and high humidity, it can hold up to nine days. At 14°C the mite falls into a stupor, and at 52°C quickly killed. The most favorable environment for mite – vegetable oil, vaseline, fat.

Signs of demodectic mange.

  • A blockage of the sebaceous glands, acne, redness, scaling, pustules.

  • Painful itching, burning and crawling, especially at night.

  • Tuberosity on the skin, swelling, especially of the nose wings

  • Unhealthy sallow complexion.

  • Enlarged pores.

  • The permanent Shine on the skin.

  • The defeat of the external auditory meatus, the upper part of the chest and spins with the advanced form of the disease.

  • When the disease of the eyelids redness of the eyes, itching, bonding and loss of eyelashes, inflammation of the eyelid, mucous discharge, sensation of "sand in the eyes".

  • The defeat of the scalp and eyebrows is indicated by the following symptoms: thinning and loss of hair, inflammation on the scalp, white flakes at the roots of the hair.

If you experience similar symptoms, you should urgently consult a dermatologist, who will prescribe the right treatment. I recommend to show consistency, patience and to follow all recommendations of the doctor, and then you can forever cure demodecosis.

Treatment of demodectic mange.

Treatment of this insidious disease requires time – 90 – 120 days and a comprehensive approach. Special attention should be paid to the diet, restoration of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, enhancing skin and General immunity, avoid exposure to skin irritants, blood circulation and metabolism in the skin, personal hygiene.

1. In the diet, the patient eliminates the consumption of fried, sharp, smoked, fatty, salty food, flour pastry products and sweets. Be sure to use vegetables and fruits as well as fermented dairy products containing beneficial lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

2. To enhance the effect, it is advisable to be treated with special drugs that can restore the intestinal flora – symbiotically.

3. To enhance immunity, you should apply vitamin and mineral preparations and immunomodulatory agent.

4. For the period of treatment to refrain from applying cosmetics that can trigger the reproduction of the pathogen.

5. During illness not to visit the sauna, Solarium and not to carry out any thermal processes.

6. Replace feather pillow synthetic. Every day to iron the pillowcase with a hot iron. Change bed sheets not less than 3-5 days.

7. Use only clean, dry towel better paper.

8. Perform all prescription. published


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