Top 20 movies with the cozy Christmas mood

The new year is already knocking at the door, and with it begins a troublesome and enjoyable preparation for the holiday. But is it possible to do something without a good mood? The best way to charge festive positive, to experience excitement, to dream of something light and clean, to plunge into the world of miracles and to try on the tale is to watch real Christmas movies!

The holiday



Englishwoman iris and American Amanda can not find happiness in life. They meet on the site offering people a new kind of vacation – the exchange of indoor. Amanda goes to England, iris is sent to America. Also, girls fall in your Christmas tales...




Rich, successful, but lonely Jack after meeting a black Santa Claus suddenly wakes up married to his ex-girlfriend, surrounded by children and bugging the dog. What will he choose in the end is a big question, because Jack will have to experience all the delights of family life. Sincere, family, romantic, fabulous and really a Christmas movie that is worth seeing with the whole family!


A Princess for Christmas



A young woman Jules after the death of sister raises her children. Suddenly, in Europe they have a grandfather who invites the family to visit. Jules and the children go on a journey and get to the castle, where she meets the Prince. Children's every little girl's dream suddenly becomes a reality.


Home alone



Eight-year-old boy with an angelic appearance turns into a devil for penetrated into the house of the robbers. And all because of the fact that the parents forgot to take it with him to France. Kevin enjoys the freedom, and the thieves curse the day and hour when they came up with the idea to Rob the house. This film has become, beloved by all, a classic, which we review at every New Year.


Four Christmases


Christmas turns lovers into each other brad and Kate in the steeplechase. The idea is to congratulate the parents suddenly complicated by the fact that all moms and dads divorced. One evening the couple have to be in four different places so as not to leave mad.





"My dad's the President and he congratulated me with New year!" It is said a little Cooking from the orphanage. Comes to the aid of her friend Vova, who proposes to test the law of six degrees of separation – this number connects all the people on Earth. A congratulatory phrase, and the first handshake for Vova. And then the case for the whole country!


A Christmas story



When the scales are money and happiness that outweighs the unknown. But on Christmas eve, even the stingy Mr. Scrooge's heart trembled and there was a desire to leave on the world after something more than wealth.


Christmas vacation



Tree, presents, decorated the house, greetings and sweets on the table, a festive mood this Christmas! Man-crash Clark Griswold decides to have it perfect. Burning tree, exploding Turkey and plenty of all sorts of "surprises" – this Christmas, Clark!


Real love



On Christmas eve, love is knocking at the door to everyone. There are no escapes, she sees no difference between people and just gives a chance for a miracle. Writer, rocker, Minister, ordinary employee, young woman – each has her own real love.


The irony of fate or With light steam!



And even 40 years after the first release of the this movie watch all! Good, touching, and, still modern, he every time makes to relive the event. Bath, Moscow, Leningrad, Zhenya, Nadya and the real Russian New year!


New year's rate



A new mobile phone and tariff "new year" gave the hero of this film a miracle. By long tradition to congratulate strangers Andrew dials girlfriend Alena, who lives in 2007, not in 2009.


Trading places



If I can manage a huge company rogue off the street? One of the rich brothers, the Dukes was sure that I can. The other does not. Bet, where the stake was only a dollar, turned the life of many people.





Accidentally met on New year's eve Jonathan and Sarah decided to check the accident or not. Writing their phone numbers in the book and on the bill, they get rid of them in the belief that fate will bring them back again. But fate plays by its own rules.


Surviving Christmas



The rich man drew decides to spend Christmas in his childhood home. That's just live there for other people. Attempt to purchase a family holiday turns to drew something incredible, because normal people short-term relatives is not exactly call.


You letter


The affection of the main characters on the Internet and hate real life because of the conflict of interest is very small and very large businesses. How to find a middle ground in this love affair and is it possible? Answer the questions Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


12 months



Provincial Mary, wants to conquer Moscow, suddenly becomes the owner of a magic book. All of her wishes come true, but to others it does not bring happiness. It's Masha's turn to fix the situation – to do good.


Family rental



Good deal for Sam requires one small condition – it needs to be married. Savvy businessman promises to pay a random friend and her daughter for a play called "Family". However, the little girl has their own views on life, and her mom and Sam really love each other.


While you were sleeping



An accident helps the humble Lucy to be near his beloved Peter. The hours she spends time with him, because now he's in a coma and is in the hospital. His family thinks that Lucy is his fiancée. And the bride realizes that she must soon make a choice between fairy tale or reality.


It's a wonderful life



Sometimes in life there comes a black stripe. To save from suicide a good man, is sent to him the angel – a young, inexperienced, but very capable. He decides to show George what will become of the world, where it is not, and at the same time to earn to itself wings.


The Bridget Jones's Diary.



The lonely fat girl who is over 30, totally alone. She decides to start a new life and to conquer his superior, in whom love. The diary became her faithful assistant, however, tasks are not quite so simple. published



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