Decorations: knitted ornaments with your own hands

Each new year we meet with the expectation of something new and unusual. Decorations can quickly transform an ordinary interior of an apartment in the holiday. Especially pleased that to add originality in Christmas decor can be independently, for example, with knitted jewelry. You do not need any financial costs – enough to take the remnants of different colored threads and link the original DIY.


The first thing you can link is snowflakes. It's quite simple even for beginners craftswomen, many children will take up the crochet hooks and create Christmas masterpieces.




Weightless, bright colors associated with the colored thread and suspended from the ceiling, will come in motion from the air stream in the room and certainly will be an original decoration. And if they are placed on tapes and stretch across the room, you get a knitted garland. Delicate petals can be the symbol of wish fulfillment in the new year. Knitted crafts can be hung on ribbons of different length in a cascade, they work well with pine branches, Christmas balls and rain.


Christmas boots are a symbol of Christmas. Of course, this task is more complicated than flakes or balls, but the result is more interesting. Especially in this boot it is possible to hide a gift for a beloved person. The same symbols are hares. Knitted Bunny makes a wonderful gift for any child.



Knitted composition, set in the middle of the festive table will become a beautiful exquisite piece. It can be a symbol of the coming year on the Eastern calendar, the same flowers, snowflakes, bunnies, chickens and Chicks. The composition can be complemented with candles, fruit, cones. published


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