Netherlands - a great country

Someone spreads a variety of banned substances. Someone uses their trite. And some studies. On duty or by vocation. As a true anesthesiologist, Jora these same substances studied. And since one of the methods of studying - it is an experience for yourself, as a true researcher, George tried to imagine all more or less available in Moscow expanders consciousness. And surprise him something was quite difficult.
And once he got on the occasion of the Netherlands. Well, Amsterdam - a wonderful city. And after enjoying a full-length architectural delights of the capital of the country of tulips, decided to pay tribute to Zhorik and local coffee shopam where you can quietly to smoke weed local batch. No more than five grams per person in one shop.
Smoke, he decided to buy something interesting. And your choice stopped on mushrooms. What has not yet been tried. And consume them before leaving. All the way to Moscow Jora kindly words recalled sellers. Mushrooms "comes" not wanted.
But, being by nature a man nezloblivym, he decided to spit on this matter. Once home and sensing a real hunger, he wanted to cook pelmeshek. Yes with sour cream. And when he took out of the fridge a fermented milk product, it seemed to him that sour him and whispers something. Yes, this cool ...
A few days later my sister looked to him (she had a key), concerned a total silence - he does not ring and calls are not responding. Already have to go back. And Zhorik found in the kitchen. Around him orderly as soldiers on parade, there were products from the refrigerator. And on his knees George comfortably settled thawed dumplings, which he gently stroked and saying at the same time something very good ...
In a few days Jora has bounced back and was able to start work tasks.
About Holland has since said with a gasp and extreme degree of respect.


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