How to reduce the bill for heating the apartment

As the owner of the apartment with their concrete actions can reduce heating bills and improve the comfort? Can! At the same relatively low cost that pays off during the first heating period.
In new apartment buildings have been commissioned over the last 10 years already has the insulation of the facade and plastic Windows. Usually, the materials of average quality, and to change them for more effective is not appropriate. However, we can adjust the window by reducing looseness and warmth.
In the heat of the new high-rise buildings set weather-compensated control, which regulates the flow of coolant depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the coolant at the return line. But even this system cannot take into account your individual needs. For example, every person and appliance indoor – heat source. When people and working devices a lot, there is excessive heat and becomes hot. Residents in such cases, open the Windows. Dramatically increases heat loss of the room. Automatic heat reacts to the low temperature of the return and takes it on the risers of the radiators coolant with a higher temperature. Accordingly, in the rest of the apartment house, too, is getting warmer.
To control the temperature in the radiators can be installed thermostatic head.



Advantages radiatornyh thermostats:

  • Effective regulation of the room temperature
  • Low cost and high return on investment (1st heating period)
  • Saves energy and money
The principle of operation

Radiator thermostats and room thermostats automatically maintain the desired temperature in the room and eliminate overheating of the indoor air, providing comfort in the house and saving money. These regulators come in different types (mechanical or electronic, with integrated or external temperature sensor).

The second crucial way to improve comfort and save energy is to install a ventilation system or ventilator

The most modern and practical way to create a comfortable microclimate and the required air exchange in the apartment, new, newly finished houses or renovated homes today is the installation of decentralized ventilators with heat recovery.




Decentralized ventilators provide fresh air to the premise, its filtration and extract of polluted air outside.Reduce the ingress of noise from the street. You do not need to constantly open Windows for ventilation of the room.

Energy saving

The indisputable advantage of ventilators is their ability to recover heat and humidity balance in the premises due to the use of special copper or ceramic thermal accumulator (energy regenerator). In principle, energy regeneration is based on the use of the heat and humidity of the removed polluted air from the premises for heating and humidifying a supply of fresh air. Given that the placement of permanent heat losses through the technology of heat recovery is the most important in order to save money on energy.


The coefficient of heat recovery ventilators is very high and reaches 91%. While one unit provides constant ventilation and air filtration required for premises up to 50 m2.

The main losses of heat in the house:

Exterior walls – up to 28%
Windows, doors – up to 32%
Ventilation system – up to 50%

Installing the thermal head for radiators and ventilators in the room to reduce heat loss by 3-4 times.

Modern systems allow to reduce the cost of heat


Heat pump consuming 1 kW of electric energy in the room up to 6kW of heat. A home air conditioner in the heating mode and a heat pump, but it has a conversion efficiency electrician/heat is about 3.5 and it is limited to work at low ambient temperatures. Room air conditioners in the heating mode is very efficient in the transition period (when it's cold, but have not run the Central heating system). published


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