How to achieve high concentration during test preparation

Each of us in life have had to take all sorts of tests and exams in school to obtain a driver's license, for admission to the institution or for language courses, etc. Today we will talk about how not to "burn out" those who are preparing to pass GMАT.

For those who are in blissful ignorance about what it is, explain is this a standard test that determines a person's ability to study in business schools, such as MBA. Almost all of the major business schools have adopted this test and passed through him everyone who claims to be the student in the schools of this type. Based on the explanation, we can conclude that the people preparing for this test – highly motivated, with developed analytical skills. However, they are only human — they can't always keep the concentration to the desired level, panic and just "burn out".

So today we will discuss a number of strategies specifically aimed at increasing the level of concentration and improve the ability to focus on the Essentials without compromising one's own psyche. And strategies these are very versatile and not limited only to preparation for an important test.

1. Active presence

Remember the phrase of our teachers – "Enough Raven outside the window to count!" "You're such a dreamer!"? Each of us sometimes faced with the fact that physically being present, for example at a lecture or meeting, mentally you are somewhere else, with other people.

Ie we are not actively involved in what is happening. The same thing could happen to us and when we try to read and memorize the necessary information. This effect is very succinctly described by the following phrase: "I Look at the book and see a Fig".

Agree, sometimes we spent hours sitting on the same page and can't remember a formula or rule. Or Vice versa: quickly flipping the pages, but ask us about what there was a problem. Our main goal is to keep the attention in the right direction. Teachers Kansas state University advise my students to do this simple exercise:

— Focus on the task at hand and keep her attention as long as possible.
— As soon as thoughts begin to run in the opposite direction from the tasks part, immediately tell yourself: "I must be here and now."
— Return all thoughts to the current task.
— Do this whenever the attention starts to "sail".

2. Be proactive in matters of their own health

Very easy to say that in all circumstances it is necessary to take care of your own health, you need to spare the nervous system, or that their own health should always be first.

Let's be honest: few can meet people who are on the eve of an important exam would say, "I can't prepare, and go to the gym, then pool, then get some sleep, for tomorrow would schedule a preventive examination at the dentist and stuff!"

What were the pools when the desired goal (to become, for example, a student of the business school), left quite a bit?! The very thought of it seems blasphemous.

And yet... Even in these days of higher voltage brain activity we have to make time for a healthy and pleasant habit. It is proved that a slightly elevated level of excitement or stress helps you quickly make the right decisions and to mobilize all forces of the organism to the solution.

The key word in that sentence is "little." Once this level is exceeded the "a bit", start reverse (malicious) reaction. Our task is to learn sometimes to relax and give yourself a rest, and if possible – to recover the invested resources.

For this plan for ourselves every day at least one pleasant/helpful/relaxing effect. Put a reminder or alarm clock and as soon as he heard the appointed signal, drop everything, than was engaged before, and dedicate this time to yourself. Moreover, all the scheduled time! Not worth it to ruin with the phrase, "Well, okay, a 10 minute walk and back to study!" Enjoy the fun, safely disposing of any disturbing thoughts you continue to think in an hour, and yet — there is only you, your health, or pleasure. Now you is a priority. Learn to "recharge".

3. Define a custom workspace in the house

The organizers of the tests followed an interesting pattern. If the conditions in which the exam is held, different from those in which the examinee passed the test (for example, the room was more than comfortable, there was a further break for snacks or toilet, the oral part of the exam was conducted not at the table, and comfortable chairs; there was pleasant background music), many students are worse than they expected, results.

Why is this happening? Because the conditions have improved? To avoid this, do the following: while you are under the influence of pre-examination stress, try to find the strength for the proper arrangement of your workplace. Why is it important?

First, you can organize the workplace that no object can accidentally send your thoughts in another direction. Take, for example, a photo taken during a recent holiday on the sea, or lovely souvenir, a gift to a loved one.

Pleasant memories, caused by the stop of your glance at them easily (and maybe permanently) it will replace the your head the basic rules of the problem statement, SMART or principles of business strategies.

Secondly, your work will "learn" to live in a specific, designated place in your home, and will not make encroachments on the neighboring territories. As soon as you leave the "work area", "working" thoughts leave the mind. And soon you will learn to disconnect from things, when came the "fun hour", because life is not only permanent conquest of new tops. published

The author of the translation: Vyacheslav Davidenko

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