12 parent of secrets that You won't find in parenting books

Being a mom or dad is one of the most amazing and important tasks that we must accomplish in life. On this subject, written many smart and useful books that explain every nuance of parenting. But there are a few important secrets to this process, about which you will read on the pages of books. Their knowledge will help you not only properly educate their children, but also to get mutual pleasure.

1. All parents sometimes lose patience.

Being a parent means to perform a huge emotional, mental and sometimes physical work. Not always your efforts will be appreciated and you will see them instant feedback. Sometimes, on the contrary, we meet such fierce resistance, hands down. So it is natural sometimes there is a desire to get out of yourself and give vent to his emotions. No need to hold back and release all that has accumulated. If this is not done, the consequences will be much worse.

2. The newest and most expensive toys parents buy for themselves.

Up to a certain age the child is all purple, how much this or that toy. He may prefer to Tinker with a plastic bowl, paper cups and chestnuts instead of the expensive toy of a food processor. And even more ridiculous to demand from the child of some special relationship to the bought the game only because of the fact that it is costly. More important to teach daughter or son to get pleasure from simple things, than to injure his psyche the digits on the price tag.

3. You have a right to be angry

Many parents, especially the young, believe that under any circumstances they should love your child in every way and that love him to show. This is not so. Sometimes children become real monsters that is able to ruffle even the champion of meditation. Of course, they should not immediately surrender to the shelter because of this, but to show your real feelings you need.

4. Your "no" will not kill them

Each child must have their own clearly defined boundaries. And your clear and firm "no" is used to define them. They will pout and cry, throw tantrums or pretending to be angels, but no tricks should not mislead you and force to solve what you think is harmful, dangerous or simply stupid.

Always say "Yes" nice and easy, but don't give in to this temptation.

5. Children need to have time for independence

If you continue to run and watch over their child, then it is ridiculous to require him independence and self-sufficiency. Constant help prevent the emergence of ability to overcome difficulties and development of creativity. So be sure to try deliberately to leave the children alone so that they could find something to entertain yourself without assistance.

6. You have the right to rest.

No matter how important the task of parenting, you also can get tired of it. Let your kids read, draw, Tinker with their toys while you have a rest, meditate or just watch TV. Let them know that your time is sacred and cannot be interrupted by their shouts or another wishlist.

7. Proper nutrition starts at an early age.

Many parents, especially grandmothers, absolutely wild ideas about baby food. Yes, it has its own characteristics, but this does not mean that the child needs to overfeed chips, cakes and ice cream. It is often possible to observe a picture when the parents are trying to comply with some dietary restrictions, and their children are fed all the advertised stuff, justifying it with the words: "Eat, while you are young, you still can". This is totally unacceptable.

8. You must have their entertainment.

Being a parent is not a punishment. This does not mean that you should abandon your life and to dissolve completely in the upbringing and care. If you sometimes go to the movies, club, visit friends or to the stadium, it will not instantly make you a poor father or mother! Just keep a reasonable balance.

9. You have to know the names of all the pokemon.

And biographies of the heroes of popular video game characters from children's movies, and later, and the names of cool groups. You don't want to become ahead of time in the eyes of your child mossy dinosaur, right?

10. Sometimes you have to apologize.

In relation to your child you will make mistakes.

There are no people who never commit mistakes.

To be unfair, unreasonable reprimands, just awkward movements. And the best thing you can do to restore faith in justice — it's just to apologize. But it is not easy.

11. Parenting can be terribly heavy and at the same time pretty damn enjoyable.

In one day, so that there is a day — one hour! — you will be able several times to fall into the abyss of frustration and rise to the heavens rejoicing. You can with a period of 10 minutes to experience a surge of severe anger that immediately will be replaced by attack tears of emotion. This is a completely normal emotion that is experienced by all normal parents. If you feel that you cannot handle it, and your reactions are too sharpened, it's time to ask for help and take small (or large) timeout. If you continue to force yourself and your psyche, it can damage not only you but for your child.

12. You will always compare your child, and the result is always the same.

Your child is excellent. It is the fastest, intelligent, dexterous and quick-witted. But if anyone has any doubts about this, then it's obviously just envy.

And, you know, you're absolutely right.published


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