Manifesto in defense of men. It would be a shame if it were not true!

I can not understand why the man has no right to want and ask from their women – beautiful body? That is, the right "to be like I want" — women have, men have only the obligation to love, what gives? So what? Explain with an example why this is absolute nonsense.

I have a friend and his wife. He's 40, she's 27. Five years ago they had a beautiful, healthy child. Six months after giving birth, I came to visit them and was horrified. Instead of a young and slender girl in front of me was a satisfied woman under 90kg weight. Birth, feeding, hormones, give it time – about such conversations I then had with a friend. He is very stupid fellow, he knew everything, to the wife was treated with tenderness, but... didn't want her. Sex from family life has disappeared, then we thought it was temporary.

Passed, too shy to tell you, five years. His wife is not only not lost, but broke even more. Over the years, we have tried everything – trying to walk together to the hall, certificates for the program nutritionist, long conversations, home fitness program, healthy eating and spa-programs. Money allows everything you want, right up to plastic surgery and excellent psychotherapists and endocrinologists. As You may guess, nothing worked. She continues to EAT so that me and my occasional breakdowns "kilogram of muffins" nervously Smoking in aside. She sees a problem, she is good, tasty and comfortable. And he, of course, in her eyes a bastard, because...

Tenderness and gratitude for the birth of a child turned him in Frank disgust and unwillingness to even touch his wife. Sex with her of course not, and they sleep in different beds. Yeah, he cheats on her regularly and systematically he's a healthy male, he, you know, is on beautiful women. The only thing that holds them together today marriage is about love, but I think not much time left. He will leave, if not today, then tomorrow — in disposable sex will meet him one which he not only putting your penis, but will also put their hearts and souls.

So I tell this story without own estimates in the comments all would have pounced on the man screaming "what did you do to help her become beautiful?". Yes, everything he did. She just doesn't see the problem. As she did not specify. It is convenient — and that the husband is, but in the form itself did not need to hold it where the child will go.

Terrible logic.

A woman has the theoretical right to any – thick or skinny, asexual or sexual, terribly dressed, Yes anything, to health, if only she liked. She can eat cakes voraciously, not sports, not to go to the doctors, to ruin your health and spit on my husband please. To take away that right impossible.

But why do You choose the right men to take her like this?

Why is the simple truth – "you should lose weight for my taste" — it needs to come up with some incredible techniques otherwise ALL – he's an asshole to blame, not found! Why do you boldly take away from men the right not to want a body that disgusted him?

Yesterday I read a comment: — If my husband said that I was fat, I would be with him not three days did not speak, and would have killed! What is happiness? Just because an inconvenient TRUTH hurt? Let's have both-fairness: Yes, the woman can be any, — Yes, a man has the right to speak the truth and do not want a fat body. What are You gonna do my friend? To drink viagra? To suffer all his life?

And there is nothing to be offended! published


Author: Natalia Cosharel

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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