Right to be wrong

We live in an age of high technology, high speed data transfer and rapid flow of information. Now we have the opportunity to find out about what just happened, and you didn't need to strain to this information to perform, because we immediately make the specially trained people. And we finally get the finished product - news and insights about them. We so easily allow others to manipulate our consciousness that has already ceased to distinguish the thoughts of others from their.

On the one hand, it's good. Why make the extra effort, that would be something to figure out on your own. Progress works to deliver us from unnecessary body movements. We have a washing machine and dishwasher. Our services Arsenal of specialists who will clean our house, feed and clothe us, bring us our children and organize our leisure time.

And if in school we were taught to read, follow written instructions to us, we can live an easy and successful life.

And why are we here? Why make our lives easier? Good question.

We don't even have a chance to make a mistake. After all, at the moment of making important decisions when we are plagued with questions and doubts, we can consult with psychologists, coaches, business coaches, experienced colleagues, books. In the end, you can go to Internet forums or to ask a question to Google. We face such an avalanche of responses that you can forget about your question.

With this Arsenal of tools we can still make mistakes?

But lucky are those who, contrary to all established mechanisms, it is possible!

We did not take away the right to fail, and can't take the chance, breathe, eat, drink, suffer and rejoice.

From childhood we were told that it is bad to make mistakes. Our parents and close aides were trying us to protect and save.

And a strong argument that you learn from mistakes, people in the know claimed that only fools learn from their mistakes and wise learn from the mistakes of others.

Fortunately, that surrounding the sources of information we increasingly are called to love and appreciate yourself. Let's hear them and give yourself the chance for error. Or a lot of mistakes! Let us not be afraid of them and worry about how they will be treated by others. However, I agree on the beach. If we decided not to be afraid to make them, and the responsibility we have to undertake. Let's agree that and their consequences we are going to solve themselves.

The whole process will resemble a house party while their parents. No prohibitions! Borders also. It will be fun, intriguing, without borders and limits. But the arrival of the parents all have to clean, wash, take out the trash and not to forget, at least comb your hair.

We go first in life, all important interview, carefully prepare for it and choose image. And on the threshold of the coveted office have torn tights, exfoliating manicure, and stress our body reacts in unpredictable psycho-somatic responses and we covered spots and begin to itch....We make a lot of mistakes and fail in the interview. Do not get the coveted job and left without the coveted wages that have already managed to paint in the next six months. Not a problem! In this case the error has saved us from more disastrous consequences of the receipt for this position...

The turning point in your career, you entrust important project with strict grandfather online, and you miserably fail him, bringing their colleagues and Manager? No it's not. Sure you will make the maximum effort to prevent it. Well, if it still happened? The minimum you will receive is because of the bad reputation, which, if desired, and opportunities can be rehabilitated. Max – dismissal. Each firing, this is a chance to understand yourself (as we were previously too busy to spend time on this process), and even a chance to rise and with new strength and find a new job where we are waiting for more happiness.

Exit the comfort zone is inevitable. But this is just a chance to get a "magic kick", without which many are unable to move forward. "Magic pendel" must be earned, and it is given only to the chosen. But truly, it can work wonders.

Don't be afraid to mess things up, embarrass myself in front of a large audience, failing exams, not to justify the confidence, to bring close. That would not be good. But the sky will not fall. Stones you are not bombarded. Instead, after a minute of shame, you will receive invaluable experience that cannot be learned from books and to buy for the money.

Experiencing failure, the bonus You gain knowledge and new discoveries, and maybe even immunity to the next test. What you need to take once, it can afford not to be afraid to make a mistake. Take her, darling, with all its charms - condemnation, shame, etc. But this is bitter, but healing medicine that helps you to quickly recover from a serious illness.

Even the wise king Solomon said that there is no just man upon earth that did good and sinned not.

So if we are given the opportunity to change, to be better by making the many from or a error, let them to do! Can be work on it the most effective way to make us and our world better and kinder. published


Author: Elena Klimenkova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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Source: Elena Klimenkova


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