How to get RID of excess weight — the SECRET of control hormones!

Leptin is one of the hormones of fat cells, which plays an important regulatory role in the digestive system of our body, in particular, it suppresses the appetite. Leptin almost crowns the hormonal hierarchy. Controlling its level, we are able to protect themselves from weight gain. Knowledge about leptin also contributes to the knowledge of the secrets of control hormones and a radical improvement in health.

According to experts, more than half of the population is in resistance to the hormone. We are convinced that many will identify this resistance. But to determine exactly, we propose a simple and affordable test.

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Test for resistance to the leptin

You need to tick those symptoms and signs that you have experienced or observed in the last six months or today:

Strong, often insatiable appetite. You overcome overeating. You find it hard to give up, not something to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. You often ignore the Breakfast or eat Breakfast much later after I woke up. You quite often (more than 1 times a day) drink soft drinks and juices. You have been diagnosed with fat deposits in the tissues of internal organs. Uncharacteristic bouts of profuse sweating, particularly if you compare with what it was a few decades ago. You excessively tired after exercise, but to fully restore power fails. Pain in the joints and the morphological destruction in them. The high level of triglycerides (type of fat in the blood): it exceeds 1.14 mmol. With the onset of menopause you notice obvious weight gain, are particularly concerned about body fat around the waist. Test results for resistance to the leptin: count points

If you counted 5 or more points then you have a very high probability of resistance to the leptin. And then there is a risk that this modificeres in various severe diseases: diabetes, heart disease, etc. Those who are prone to obesity, recovery latinoware balance will help to get rid of extra pounds.

If your numbers are 4 or less items then you don't want to learn about how you can restore sensitivity to leptin and to observe whether to change the mood and energy level.

 Signs of resistance to the leptin: a different perspective on the problem

Because the balance of leptin in the body is very important, give also a look to this hormone is a different angle of view.

All the signs of your body's resistance to leptin is obvious, if:

  • you have excess weight;
  • after a meal you tend to sleep and not feel burst of energy;
  • for you is a problem to lose weight or to keep weight;
  • you have osteoporosis;
  • do you have high blood pressure;
  • you are haunted by chronic hunger or desire to eat strange hours, in particular, drawn to the fridge the night;
  • are you concerned about never-ending feeling of anxiety and you are constantly experiencing stress;
  • you have a habit of snacking after a meal;
  • are you experiencing persistent craving for sweets or stimulants (caffeine, etc.);
  • you have trouble falling asleep or you often Wake up in the wanton nights, and then you find it difficult to sleep.

Saturation hormone leptin was discovered not long ago. He carries the drama of the serious diseases of civilization. Today, unfortunately, there is no drug that stimulate leptin to aid all those suffering from obesity and is able to stop the shortening of human life. Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs of resistance to the leptin, please note that only revision of the nutrition and lifestyle can affect the activity of leptin.published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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