Treatment with Rosa in folk medicine

Dew is moisture that collects on the plants in the morning, evening and night periods.

Morning dew contributes to the treatment of eye diseases, callosity, spurs. It is best to collect the clover.

Evening dew has a soothing effect. It is best to collect daisies.

Night dew toning is valid. It can be assembled with different herbs, but away from roads, dumps, fields, which sometimes use harmful chemicals. Inside night dew can be used only for cancer.


Usually to collect the dew it is necessary to spread in the meadow (meadow, forest edge), a towel, a sheet or cloth, wait until she is soaked with dew and then wring out the cloth in a wooden or a glass jar (but not iron), enameled saucepan or bowl. Collected treatment liquid pour into a glass bottle or jar.

The largest number of medicinal substances plants produce in the morning, the water dissolves them and remains in the form of small droplets of dew on leaves and flowers. Rosa as it gathers pollen and enzymes from the plants. Therefore, the most healing the morning dew.

Very useful of dew, collected medicinal herbs:

dew collected yarrow has hemostatic properties and a beneficial effect on the internal organs of digestion, the dew from the motherwort helps with heart disease, with a series — for skin zabolevanijami has long been regarded as an excellent remedy for eye diseases, so it is useful in the morning wash with dew collected from the flowers.

The best is considered the Midsummer dew, falls on the day of Kupala (from 6 to 7 July). The Midsummer holiday falls in the middle of summer when most grasses are already in bloom and their ground parts contain the highest amount of nutrients. But if before the feast was still warm and dry weather with daily dews, the healing power of Midsummer dew multiplied.

If the dew fell during the week every morning, it becomes progressively richer in the substances that have been extracted from plants in the past few days. When the sun dried the dew on the flowers and the leaves remain substances that she has learned in the evening and morning. The next day a new dew will stand on the same grass, but it will also dissolve the extract left over from the previous grow.

The dew not only bathed, riding in the grass but was collected Kupala dew for the future, carrying on the meadow flax is filed, which is periodically squeezed, for preservation of added alcohol.

Traditional medicine recommends a number of recipes that use the healing properties of dew:

Insomnia, hysteria, nervous breakdown.

Tie the head with a towel soaked in evening dew. In the morning wipe the whole body with a towel soaked in evening dew. You can ingest 1/4 Cup water evening Rosen. To be treated until the disappearance of the disease, but not more than 3 weeks.

Varicose veins.

The patient must pass through the meadow in pure cotton socks. When the wearable is well-soaked with dew and the sun rises, they should not be removed — they should be dry on the feet. This procedure is done through the day while you can.

Eye diseases dew moisten the eyes.

If decreased visual acuity, cataracts, cataract to wash your eyes and do cold compresses morning and night dew gathered in the morning. Compresses to apply daily for 10 minutes for 2 weeks.


To put in the yard on the ground unglazed jug with water in the morning to collect the wet moisture from the ground under the pot and put it on the sore place. Tightly bind with a bandage or cloth. The procedure was performed 3 times.

Early in the morning to go to the meadow and spread out on the grass a clean bed sheet or cloth, wait until they get soaked with dew. Wrapped in this cloth and wait until it dries on the body. The procedure to be done several times. The body is saturated with biologically active substances and literally soaked energy.


Drink 2 tbsp. spoon the night dew 30 minutes before a meal. The course of treatment — 7-10 sessions a day. At the same time compresses with the dew on the region of the liver.

Sparse hair, baldness.

Wet the head with dew and water and massage with fingertips to warm up. Re-wet, tie your head with a towel and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse with infusion of chamomile and allow to dry. The course of treatment is 5-7 procedures every other day.

The articular disease.

According to old Russian traditions the patient with ache followed 6 times to go to the morning dawns on the meadow and go there in the dew on the back, saying: "dawn, dawn dewy! Take, take from me the ache and cramp, take in the sky from century to century." In rheumatism it is necessary to go early in the morning barefoot in the dew.

Skin diseases.

If you have an allergic rash on the body traditional medicine recommends to wipe the morning dew.

For getting rid of warts they were soaked with dew from the garden.

Fungal diseases, calluses on your heels to walk in the morning dew. If this is not possible, then to impose on the sore spots cold compresses with dew. Compress to apply at night and keep for 8 hours.

Fibroma of the uterus.

To douche and do cold compresses night dew. It is possible to handle it inside. Douche and compress for 5-7 days every day.

Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, hemorrhoids.

Drinking on an empty stomach and before bedtime at 0.25-0.5 cups Rosen of water. To follow the water diet.

Hemorrhoids do enema the evening dew. To accept and to do the enemas for 3 weeks. published

Author: Maznev, I. V.

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