Cube cucumbers: select 6-7 buckets of cucumbers over the summer!

This is my favorite building in the garden. When all around wonder how many pickles I collect and ask how much they planted, I coolly answer – nine – and wait for the reaction. Yes, only 9 seeds, but from mid-June to mid-September is the harvest. At least 6-7 buckets selected cucumbers over the summer. That's all it takes! It's beautiful, easy to care for and cucumbers dry and clean.


First been dug long side of the old slate standard size 170 * 110 cm had Breaks of 60 cm, leaving above ground 110 cm make a cube little more than a meter. To slate is held vertically and its bursting would be the mass of the earth, in two places made a binding of steel wire.

In the spring, once the ground thawed, began to fill the cube: first, put a pillow of sand with a height of 50 cm, then put the tape, and on it a layer of 30 cm of fresh manure and compost mixed in.

This furnace, pereprava, manure generates heat and heats the bottom. Then 25 cm good rotted compost mixed with garden soil. Shed 3 buckets of hot water with potassium permanganate. Then all the covered black lutrasilom. Generally make and fill the cube in late autumn, only the cover film to the food is not washed from the upper layer. The edge of the cube "soften" the old polyethylene in multiple layers, so that the whip does not cut it.

Sow seeds directly in the ground in mid-April (to guarantee you can interplant somewhere in the corner margin of 5-7 seeds, if not rise). Do cuts in lutrasil, we wrap corners inside and shoyu. Put a low arc with the expectation that they can get and increase the arch.

Immediately cover the cube 2 layers were lutrasil and 2 layers of a thin film, securing the blanket with a simple rubber band.

Sow seeds, not all but only 6 pieces, while the back row is filled with tomato seedlings, rearing. Then, in mid-may, fat chunky tomato seedlings will go in your greenhouse, and in its place sow three seeds or transplanted the cucumbers that sprouted in the corner. This is for late harvest. While cucumbers will not germinate film is not removed, and then a day off so the rain poured.

Can be worn for quite a long time in Cuba, wet and warm is the cucumbers to your liking.By the time as whip's old enough, will disappear the threat of frost, plants can be released to float freely, covering only at night lutrasilom. And soon this will not need: top and bottom heat, the main thing – do not forget about watering.



Very convenient to pick cucumbers – are they clean and clearly visible. When the whip gets to the ground, pinch. In mid-August, start again the night lutrasilom whole mountain cover, otherwise the cucumbers will slow growth.

And in September, do an audit and leave the fruit-bearing shoots, which lift up and placed inside the cube, covering the spring.

It is best to sow 2-3 tested varieties, the harvest is more. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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