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Thinking of the Russian people who came from the states to stay in Russia, then the text from his face:
From the President of Russia for the first three I encountered twice. "Faced" - a vague term, soon finds himself in a traffic jam due to the overlap of the streets. For the first time, on the second day, we went with a classmate to Kutuzov when a policeman with a paunch, like Santa Claus, flustered, blocked the exit and began to shrug off still traveling along the avenue cars like a mosquito. "The sign we have this," said classmate sad, "the president met - be late." After about fifteen minutes waiting president finally famously raced movement opened ...

The next day I wandered around Moscow, in the center, was currently on Nikitsky Boulevard to the Arbat, and suddenly saw a picture of that before observed only in Israel, on the feast day, when the sounds sirens, traffic stops, and people go out of their cars and stand side by side. Sirens were not, but the machines were, people, too, stood, not all air conditioners and heat for thirty. Realizing what was happening, I sped up and went to the Arbat gate that looked strange. So I saw them, too, though for a long time, in 82-84 years, in the days of Brezhnev's funeral and the company, it was blocked. I took out the camera and took a couple of shots, cleaned Kalinin on one side and a wall of cars on Vozdvizhenka - the other, waiting for the passage of the Supreme. Pretty soon there was a tuple mersedesny limousine surrounded by three gelendevagenov, or as they are called, are very spectacular. Even then I thought, do not force the cops nervous camera hanging from my belt, lens - wide angle does not happen, I'm just a couple of times clicked on the button, knowing that in the frame tuple certainly fall.

The reader waits too rhyme roses, please - I was not allowed to do, and one step. Once all passed from behind was heard, "the young man to produce documents and a camera." Turned behind sweats toptun in a dark wool suit. "Special Commissioner of the Office of the President of X ** s", introduced security officer. The exact name of the control, as well as the name of a special employee, naturally, I do not remember. He even polupokazal identity, carefully covering it from my own hand. Those few seconds until it seemed I spent pondering whether to give him in the balls at once to show off, or well, it nafig. Decided that day in the monkey I do not need, we very polite. "But what actually is it?" - "You photographed Secret Passage (sic! - G60)». "What is he a secret, you see how many people. And what is forbidden to photograph? "-" Yes, of course. Documents Present "-" No problem, please. " To say that he was disappointed view my documents - to say nothing. "And your registration where" - "I arrived on Saturday, today is the first day of business. Must register within three days ».

"Well then, please show pictures you have taken" - "so happy". On two was Novy Arbat from horizon to horizon, and somewhere in the center of the image a tiny spot - the presidential motorcade. Lens 10-20, declines angle 102 degrees. "But it will have to erase." Well, I thought, thank God, you idiot caught. Decided to take a break comedy - "maybe we should not, to my mind, I was not here for a long time ..." - "No, not necessary. Punished administratively we will not be, but erase the picture. " "Well," sighed click on «delete». "Good-bye, and all the best." Yes, I think you get caught me in other circumstances, without the four cops in a radius of five meters. Walked a little, pulled out of the chamber stick, put a spare. You see, sergeant, or what have you got there the title, you will never be a general, as well as your boss. Otherwise you would know how many seconds takes a snapshot restore erased.

I will not write any vulgarity on "manuscripts do not burn", I have something to say to the main topic. Namely - a deleted photos in the camera was preceded by another, without a tuple in which no alert security officer, nor, apparently, its management, have not seen anything criminal:

Picture, which, in my opinion, the current president should fear much more. For, in the eyes of sane people, this picture - an accusation. In a dictatorship. In transcendent groveling, will not devshemsya since the Soviet era, his own subordinates. And not just the president, it is equally true of all citizens, humbly ready to tolerate such.

I am in the United States live in a remote province, where a rare bird flies from the federal government. Given liberastny bones brain mood California Republican administration even campaigned here does not hold - it is useless. Nevertheless, I had a meeting with Vice President Cheney at a crossroads, I went to meet the procession, which was occupied by the same, that's it - waiting for a traffic light. Turned green, all went. And if it was different, if any officer seriously decided that the people - for the government, and not vice versa, with him would quickly did what unloving Republican Californians have done with his Democratic governor - was sacked and replaced Schwarzenegger. < br />
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