Liz Burbo: You have had a baby in order to control it

Did you know...
... that your children are your guides?

Many parents struggle to accept that statement... but that's it. This is true not only for parents but for all people in the world. The children with whom you come in contact, or with whom you work, have much to teach you!

Children of the new generation, age of Aquarius, in General more advanced than their parents. They came to earth during this period to the evolution of humanity was faster. If we had the time to listen to what they want to say and the questions they ask, one would recognize that their wisdom was acquired over many generations. From a young age, they already possess the level of knowledge that people have gained for many years.


You may have noticed that the children of the new generation, age of Aquarius, more often overreacting? Of course, because their reactions help us to live more consciously. Children of previous generations would never have a chance to respond and to talk with their parents or caregivers, as do modern children. That is why I say that they come to Earth to teach us to move faster.

So, if you really want to grow and learn to know ourselves (usually this is the only thing we produce children), watch what you say, your children and especially that you find them the most annoying. For example, when the child does not seem to you proper respect, he wants to tell you that you are also against him, and that you are not respect themselves. The most important thing is to recognize that what excites you in the child, is an attitude or behavior that you do not accept in yourself.

Or another example: if your child continually tells you that it might have something to do, and you hinder him in this, you delay its development and, at the same time, it indicates that you yourself to stop doing it. Why are you afraid for him? This suggests that you have the same fear for himself. You may find another fear, asking myself the question, what are you afraid for yourself if this is a terrible event, fear for your child will happen? We never fear for other people, we are always afraid only for himself. Others only help us to identify our fears.

Does it ever happen that a child says to you that you are interfering in its Affairs? Thus, he asks for a living space necessary for its evolution. He wants to attract your attention to the fact that you have had a baby in order to control it, but rather in order to learn through him.


Instead seek to impose their beliefs, remember that you given to him, to guide him as well, once you know how, do not forget also about the fact that this child has the right to make their own decisions, not forgetting the responsibility for them.

You to me will object: "do you want to tell me that I should allow the child to do whatever he wants?". If he wants to do something that would be considered an invasion of your space and you share with him that such behavior is beyond your capabilities, he will be pleased to respect you. I'm not saying to give the child to DO whatever he wants, I'm talking about the need to allow the child to BE what he wants. The tools that children use in order to BE who they want, not always acceptable to us, but from experience I know that if you respect your child, he will be happy to respect your limits.

Take, for example, a teenager who leaves his things around the house. Find out from him that it gives him. It helps him to BE who/what? How does he feel when they are in the room, which is full of clutter? If he insists that, Yes, that it reminds him that he is free to do what he wants, ask him, not whether he feels that the family lack of freedom? Thus, you can reach a compromise. In addition, you can explain to him that you don't feel free/th in your own home, when coming home, he scatters around the house on your way.

In his room he can do whatever he wants, as it does not interfere in your space, but in other rooms not. Thus, you can come to an agreement that he is free to do whatever you want, in your room, but that the responsibility for cleaning in other rooms of the house is on him, when he deems it necessary. In other rooms it needs to help clean up, as the rest of the family. Thus, he will have much-needed freedom. Then you must stick to your promise, that is not to come to his room to clean it up or wash the floors. You will see how everything will gradually begin to change.

The relationship between a child and an adult change when an adult agrees with the idea that he wants to learn more about himself and especially to learn about those aspects in yourself that he does not accept. Especially don't be afraid to share such thoughts with your child. Even very young children understand the language of the age of Aquarius. They know intuitively that come to this planet to learn to love yourself is to accept that they can be what they want and what they are responsible for their lives and for the consequences of their decisions. And when parents remind me, a child knows that it is true.


Remember that what you irritates and also irritates it to you. Thus, when one of you causes another emotional reaction, as soon as you can calmly about it to say, it's best to realize what you both have to work. And the only way you'll become a better person, the only way your relationship with yourself and with others can achieve perfection.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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