Marva Oganyan: Headache — non-OBVIOUS cause of

How many people in the world suffer from headache! Durable, resistant, or, conversely, periodic, but not less painful.

The head may ache from a cold, the flu, high blood pressure, from the fact that the man was nervous, tired. Aching in whole or only in part of the frontal, occipital.
Sometimes it hurts half head left or right, and it's called migraine and the pain is especially excruciating.


How people tried to get rid of a headache?

The most common means of pain medication: aspirin, amidopyrine, analgin, Pentalgin, tsitramon, still beloved by many once the "triad".

Then there was the old, well-forgotten remedies – acupuncture, which is 5 thousand years! Acupressure – is not less ancient. But it turns out the result is not very different from drug treatment.
In fact happened – the same symptomatic treatment (treatment of symptoms), without the "chemistry". Today feel better tomorrow pain resume.

Where is the cause of such suffering?

Osteochondrosis? A disturbance in the spine? But it's not working even manual therapy. High blood pressure? And how to reduce it so that it did not rise?

A lot of questions, answers almost none.

But these answers can be found only by STUDYING the LAWS of NATURE, metabolism in the human body and the violation of this exchange.

So, 200 years ago, English physician and biochemist Alexander Haig found that cause any kind of headache one: ACCUMULATION in the meninges to chemical substances is one of the end products of protein metabolism in the body called URIC ACID.

Especially a lot of it is accumulated with migraines, colds, flu, high blood pressure. But you need to remember that uric acid can accumulate not only in the meninges but also in the joints, then the patient suffers from a type of arthritis – rheumatoid, infectious nonspecific arthritis, etc., or in the mucosa of the bronchi – then patients with bronchial asthma, or – in the gastric mucosa, then the patient – duodenal ulcer, or in the skin, then eczema, psoriasis, etc.

If the only reason is contamination of the body of uric acid, you need to find a way to get rid of it, cleanse the body, and then get rid of the diseases it caused.

URIC ACID has a crystalline structure, practically insoluble in acidic and neutral medium, is dissolved. In the tissues of the body is deposited in the form of fine crystals having very sharp edges, damaging cells, nerve endings, nerve trunks, that's where more and painful radiculitis!

Consequently, to get rid of uric acid, it is necessary first of all to DISSOLVE AND REMOVE from the body through the kidneys, and it needs to CHANGE the RESPONSE of OUR TISSUES FROM ACIDIC TO ALKALINE, this can be achieved only by changing the nature of the food – dominated in the diet of raw plant foods, i.e. fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and the cleansing of the cavities of the body, primarily the intestines.

My years of experience in the treatment of headache from a variety of patients, from children to the elderly, shows that the purgation by washing in combination with a temporary abstinence from food, then vegetable products in the diet in certain combinations, to completely cure the headache of any limitations and at any age. Whether it is the pain associated with high blood pressure, flu, sinusitis, fatigue, insomnia. At the same time in patients with normal blood pressure, they are cured from sinusitis, sinusitis, allergic reactions of any
origin, arthritis, insomnia, eczema, asthma, pyelonephritis, etc.

You need to remember that abstinence from food is necessary to drink herbal infusions with honey and lemon juice for 7-14-21 days (depending on the age and duration of disease, etc.), daily to wash out the colon (enema), then move on to raw fruit and vegetable diet) for another three or six weeks, and you will get rid of bothering you for years pain!

Summer is a great time of the year when nature gives us the best of his gifts: fruits and fresh vegetables. Take advantage of this time of year, treat your old and new sores on the laws of nature, not in spite of them – drugs, needles, cigarettes, etc., and nature will reward you with health and joy of life. published

Author: Marv Ohanian

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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