Hybrid generator that runs on wind and water

The staff of LLP "I. Zhel" (previously — JSC "Science Technology") five years ago, we began working on the creation of the wind turbine.

Only in the first six months they had to invest $30-35 million in the development. Total investment, say in an engineering company, it is impossible to calculate.

We created a hybrid generator that runs on wind and water. It is enough 200-300 rpm to generate a current capacity of from 1 to 10 kW depending on the needs of the user. Traditional vetrogeneratory the same power issue with speeds from 1 thousand to 2 thousand per minute, – says commercial Director of LLP Timur Mukhtarkhanov.

Timur indicates the following advantages of local wind turbines: the work does not interfere with cell phones, radio, etc., it is quiet, unlike wind turbines, which have become cinematic stamp and one of the symbols of the Netherlands, does not allow low frequency sounds, i.e. it can operate in the village, it can be installed even in the yard of a private house, although the roof of the apartment buildings.

Traditional wind turbines – mast of a height of 80 meters, with rotor blades with a length of 25 meters are expensive to install and maintain.

According to Mukhtarkhanova, these giants are worth 51 million euros, every hour of maintaining them spent 9 euros, the payback is 22 years.

– Our invention, the generator is located inside of the blades, it weighs only 30 kg, indicates the commercial Director.


The cost of a local wind turbine with a capacity of 1 kilowatt (for a typical private house requires 3 kilowatts) is $1300. For comparison, the Chinese are now $2300. Now the company wants to reduce the cost of production, lowering its costs up to 160 thousand tenge.


The installation pays for itself in a year and a half, then, relatively speaking, the user begins to receive electricity for free. The warranty on microgenerator from a local manufacturer is 3 years.

– We participate in the UNDP programme for the Aral sea. Under this program installed a wind turbine in the forest nursery of the city of Aralsk of Kyzylorda region. Our company international organization was chosen because we are local manufacturers. In our wind turbine 65% local content, that is, from the battery and after that is our system. We have to buy, for example, magnets and storage in China, because we have not produced – explains commercial Director.

Director of LLP "I. Zhel" Adlet Kadyrov said that the CIS does not produce such wind turbines, therefore the EEU market for them is very attractive.

But the priority now is to saturate the domestic market. We want the people of Kazakhstan set the pace for other markets to create demand in other countries to consumers who can tell you about our wind turbine to the other, – specifies priorities Kadyrov.

In Kazakhstan, a lot of wind energy, and therefore, such installation can be mounted anywhere – on the pastures, in remote villages.

– We can give power from 1 kilowatt to 1 megawatt. You can mount the whole wind farm to power a small village or city, while for the consumer of a kilowatt/hour will cost an average of 5 tenge, – says Timur Mukhtarkhanov.


Where there is no wind, but there is flowing water, such hybrids also work. To change the blades with the wind on the water, it takes only 30 minutes.

Some time will be spent to support the installation of vertical transfer in the horizontal state.

– What is the energy on the pastures, in the villages? Is the ability to install pumps and to pump water, heat water, use of all appliances. People can create the infrastructure in the city. Why is it necessary? Now the problem is cities that have a large influx of internal migrants, who struggle to adapt in the cities, worsens the criminal situation, create additional social problems. If people in his little village is with electricity, then he will have all he can properly lead the economy, it will remain there, says about the social importance of the project Mukhtarkhanov.

This year, the company installed 20 wind turbines for private orders.

At the moment, on individual applications they can produce and install a month to 100 wind turbines.The installation of the units engaged in a partnership company that is authorised to carry out such work.

The development of support structures – it is the responsibility of one partner LLP – Almaty plant "Electroshield".

The factory engineers develop a support structure individually for each object.

Manufacturers also helps the national chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken".

In the framework of the program "business Road map-2020" in the spring of 2015, the Deputy Director of LLP "Science Technology" Zhanbolat Mussabayev held a three-day course in "Business school".

– We were told how to pay taxes how to start a business and guide them how to close the plant. In "Business school" are very well trained, there is a strong educated teachers, I have many things to learn, – says the entrepreneur.

Since the beginning of 2015 according to the program short term training "Business Advisor" throughout Kazakhstan on the basis of regional chambers of entrepreneurs were trained 14 thousand aspiring entrepreneurs, under the project "Business-Growth", which is designed for existing business, trained 1210 business leaders. Project learning mentoring – knowledge received 910 entrepreneurs. For these purposes, the national chamber of entrepreneurs "Atameken" has attracted professional business coaches and existing business. published

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