WHAT we breathe

Observe the condition of the apartments, which was not done repair about 10 years. Even if still intact, the color gradually becomes dark.

And 20 years from now and even the ceiling can be painted in black color in the center of the Windows. This is because dust and soot coming out of there.

Already there are people who start to buy eco-products and to monitor the presence of food dyes and preservatives. This topic is now at the hearing. But on the air while talking not so much more silent.

To understand the significance we breathe air mixture, I propose to consider the digestive and respiratory systems.

We eat the product, after which it undergoes a long process of digestion. Even if it is not very suitable for food, our gastrointestinal tract has a margin of safety to neutralize poisons and toxins coming from the outside.

In light of such mechanisms in nature are not provided. Air inhalation is only the mechanical cleaning of dust and all digestible substances from it after that enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body circulatory system.

It remains only to add that every time after visiting the city I clean out the nasal cavities deposited black soot.

It is no secret that formaldehyde is the strongest poison for the person. He is the cause of many diseases, including cancer. In furniture manufacturing are now widely used particleboard, which are a source of formaldehyde vapour in the apartments. Add to that a linoleum or laminate and get a gorgeous picture, isn't it? And this is also vinyl Wallpaper, varnishes or paints, which are rich in elements of the periodic table and their derivatives. Remains to multiply all this on a beautiful and sealed fiberglass Windows. "Oil painting" — as stated.

To check your Wallpapers, for example, on sustainability can offer a little test. Tear off a small piece from the roll that you think to hang on the wall and close it in the package with maximum sealed. After a week open and check what it smells like. This scent is a concentrate of what you have to breathe for many years after the gluing of the Wallpaper.

I think that to prove anyone don't have that country air cleaner priori. At least because the density of pollutants per square kilometer is much lower. The difference in urban and rural air notice not only we, but also many who come to us.

However, we live just 45 km from Moscow, and this circumstance makes itself felt. If you pull in a hundred or a couple of kilometers from the capital, there to breathe better. But do not let the extremists in this regard, dear reader. 45 km is not much, even if serviced by public transport and by car even more.

Thus, we have created a cozy haven from which to make forays into the Inferno of modern life. published

Author: Kirill Practical, from the book "Rural transformation "


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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Source: bytdobru.info/statya/5329-otryvok-iz-knigi-derevenskie-transformatsii-vozduh


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