Top 15 plants for purification of air by NASA believes

In 1989, NASA launched a study whose objective was to determine the best indoor plants for the purification of ambient air. Scientists have found that indoor air constantly contains particles of harmful volatile organic compounds - trichlorethylene, benzene, ammonia and others. To ecologically clean air, experts recommend to place them in the rooms. Houseplants can neutralize up to 85% of air pollution in the room

The indoor air contains five pollutants:.

Formaldehyde. Contained in furniture made of particleboard, fiberboard, carpet and upholstery materials, tobacco smoke, plastic utensils, household gas. It causes allergic reactions, mucous membrane irritation, asthma, skin diseases. Trichloroethylene. Contains tools for cleaning carpets and fabrics, chlorinated water, cartridges for printers, paints and varnishes. Trichloroethylene - a strong carcinogen, it causes eye and skin irritation, affects the liver and kidneys, causing agitation Benzene Located in tobacco smoke, cleaning products and detergents, including soap.. , paints and varnishes, rubber products. Carcinogen, which is capable of provoking leukemia, accumulates in adipose tissue,
causing excitement, like the alcoholic, shortness of breath and convulsions,
lowers blood pressure. Ammonia. Contained in computer technology, tobacco smoke, household chemicals. It is dry and sore throat, cough, provoked chest pain causes laryngeal and pulmonary edema. Xylene. B> produced by many types of plastics on its basis, paints and varnishes, adhesives, and it is contained in automobile exhaust, leather and tobacco smoke. Irritating to the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the eye.

Website gathered in one post 15 plants, which not only decorate the house, but also 24 hours will faithfully and seamlessly to work on cleaning the air.

Andre Anthurium ( "flamingo lily") 93,944,473

Excellent moisturizes the air and saturates it with purified water vapor. Actively learns xylene and toluene and converts them into harmless for human connection.

Gerbera Jameson

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This bright flowering plant effectively removes from the air trichlorethylene , formaldehyde and benzene

Epipremnum ( "golden lotus") 57,007,912

Its main advantage - a huge shade tolerance. Effectively cleans the air from the formaldehyde and benzene


Chinese evergreen tree - a houseplant that grows in low light conditions and likes moist air. Effectively cleans the air from the toluene and benzene

Chlorophytum ( "spider") 15,170,162

Plant-"spider" with rich foliage and small white flowers are actively struggling with benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene

Ivy climbing

This plant - a great choice for rooms with low lighting. Effectively removes trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide


This beautiful flower blooming effectively combats formaldehyde, that is released from the plywood, furniture, carpets. long enough to bloom, but it requires careful maintenance.

sansevieriya ( "Teschin language") 50,444,172

Very hardy plant, it is necessary to try to ruin it. Grappling with such pollutants as formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene

dracaena marginata

This plant is best suited for removing the xylene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. Dracaena grows slowly, but grows into a tall plant. It is better to place in a room with high ceilings and moderate sunlight.


"Workhorse" for the air purification from formaldehyde and other toxic compounds. Nekapriznoe plant, feels good in areas with low light. Not recommended for those who have children and animals.

Nephrolepis ( "Boston Fern") 18,253,509

Fern moisturizes and cleans the air by evaporation formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. She likes regular watering and shade.

Spathiphyllum ( "peace lily ยป)

"Lily of the world" - "Queen" on clearing air from the formaldehyde, benzene and trichlorethylene toluene and xylene

Bamboo palm

This plant is best suited for the filtration of benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde


It cleans the air from the compounds formaldehyde, toluene and benzene

garden Chrysanthemum

This plant will not only be a long time to please their colors and decorate the house, but also to deal effectively with the formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and ammonia.

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