Not looking for trouble! The connection of thought and our health

The right attitude towards themselves and others is the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Learn to control your thoughts, your emotional state will be easier to live.

What kind of thoughts lead to disease? What is the connection of our thoughts with the condition of the body?

Constant thoughts about upcoming difficulties which cause disease of the liver, the lungs. Try despite its stereotype to think of something joyful, interesting: no matter how much you didn't think about the problems, they will not be less.

Irritability, the bustle of the affected bronchi, nasopharynx.

From mental pressure, inability to rest ill the trachea, the stomach. Take your idea of quiet music, remember the forest expanse of water — and vanity will disappear.

Conflict mood leads to disease of the heart. When you are in such a state, try to remember a loved one, good friend.

Must critical to the sense of justice and injustice of others. If you are hot-tempered and rude, it leads to disease of the liver and gallbladder. Relax, forgive all who you annoyed.

With resentment, sense of hurt dignity suffers pancreas, heart. In this case, find the positive traits from your abuser and negative and your mood stabiliziruemost. Learn to treat yourself with humor.

Panic, disgust towards people lead to diseases of the intestine. You need to mentally remember the person calmly about everything, and to take his example, to imitate him.

If excessive withdrawal, moroseness, unkindness, heavy thoughts close to disease of the kidneys and hypertension. Try to liberate ourselves, to expand, to move away from the internal dialogue to think about something interesting. Find yourself good friends.

The inability to relax disturbs the hormonal function, the immune system of the body. You need to stand under the shower, doing gymnastics in the nature with pleasure, without haste, without pressure. Learn to enjoy physical exercise, learn the rest and if you experience fatigue remember him. With the appearance of fatigue quickly disconnect from work. Five minutes of rest will save you hours of work.

Talkativeness gradually leads to nervous exhaustion. Try to find a serious interlocutor that can give You something important. Do not discuss other people, especially politicians, actors, singers — You adopt their poor quality. With no one speaking on the debt about politics, about the money — it leads to heavy contamination of consciousness.

If you're tired, no interest in life is a sign that you came depression, and with it a decrease in the protective forces of the organism, the hormonal functions of the genital organs, adrenal glands. Often need to be alone in nature, to say no worries. Try in this case to conduct healing sessions. You can use the time after work. Do not delay the rest for later, respect your body.

If the beauty of nature and people faded, beat anxiety: you lost a source of health and exhaustion inevitably. Let us be attentive to everything, the calling healthy feelings. Looping on a heavy and bad — disrespect. After discussing the problem, immediately stop to think about it — thus you save energy to solve the following problems and their health.

Your strength and health will dwindle if to compel attention to clothes, furniture, the, behavior of friends, gossip. This is all very much on the health! Better train the ability to think about the sublime, their Hobbies, art, joyous events. His stupid idea to rush the turn or to wait until after work to look in the direction of appearance at bus stops.

Have pity on your body, switch your thoughts in a positive direction!

Bad thoughts unworthy of a man would violate Your health. Don't look for the negative traits of the offender, do not discuss his actions — You risk to spoil your mood for the whole day and exacerbating the conflict, for a long time to put up a wall between him and myself. This leads to mental stress and depletes the body.

Often parents, watching the negative traits of the child, constantly jerking him and undermine his authority. Aggression on both sides is illness in the family. In this case, say mentally: "I scold him, feel better about themselves. But if I'm good, then why can't I stop and talk quietly? Perhaps it's because I'm no better than him. So, we need to think about my own failings, not others'. I must forgive this person."

Evolution never forgave the rudeness and cruelty, and yet people do not understand how dangerous the ignorant (rude and cruel) thoughts, he is always in danger of getting disease. If after the conflict, for example, out in the cold, it is possible to secure a catarrhal disease.

List some principles of a healthy relationship to myself and others.

  • Always try to be smooth in a good mood and strive for tranquility and happiness, a good mood is not a result of circumstances, and is achieved by constant work.
  • Find people around you are positive traits.
  • Looking for a good, honest, spiritual friends is the key to your happiness and health. Do not trust your thoughts to liars and gossips, but if I had to have a fellowship — it is not necessary to discuss them and to hate.
  • Learn to see in the world around you beauty and harmony.
  • React in the crowd to smile and laugh, not a harsh word; do not engage in conflict, if not confident in your ability to stay calm and friendly.
  • Treat your irritability as to the great ignorance that leads to disease, don't let yourself lack of will .
  • Committing an unworthy act, do not grieve: grief is exhausting, designed to correct deficiencies.
  • Excuse me yourself you hated the man, ignoring the biggest problem — you get rid of the main causes that prevent your recovery.
  • Do not indulge its intransigence, arrogance, bias, constantly want to make excuses, cheat, greed — these manifestations of improper upbringing are the cause of many diseases.
  • Adamant and firmly suppress all attempts to engage You in an argument, conflict, gossip.
  • Do not convince someone who does not want to listen to you: affected you and the source.
  • You can never go wrong if you believe people are sincere: truthful, honest attitude toward the hypocrite, the deceiver is the best weapon against him.
  • When you're sick, your loved ones, relatives, don't go upset — you make it worse. Don't go on about your grief, smile to the patient, talk about interesting and happy — this is the best help.
  • Have the courage to abandon prejudices.
  • Do not fall into melancholy, apathetic, do not indulge in idleness.
  • Relaxation does not imply complete serenity, and is a time of accumulation of forces for upcoming cases.
  • Think less about sickness and more about health; don't look for trouble around you: who seeks shall find.published
Author: Vadim Nekrasov


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