The most beautiful tutor in Moscow

Recently on the forum MIPT appeared typical message such content:
Hello everyone!

I offer tutoring lessons in physics for students.

 - Preparation for the exam in a short time.
 - Problem Solving / control.
 - Study of the responses to tickets.
 - Explanation of difficult topics.

Tutoring Experience:
9 people (four with the Physics Department of Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute with three, one with and one with MAI MIPT). Each of them after the semester course one of the branches of physics (mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and optics) knowledge was practically nil, and all believed that, most likely, will receive "unsatisfactory". With each of them I have spent an average of 5 sessions (+ specify what exactly which book to read on their own - for the paragraph - and what problems to solve on their own for training) in order to prepare it for the exam. The result - six people (67%) were rated "good", and the remaining three (33%) received "excellent».

The basis of my technique - make a person clearly and specifically understand the basics of the subject + to work out the answers to tickets / examination syllabus. This requires a little time and effort, if properly organized, and experience shows that this is more than enough to guarantee the fulfillment of the task - the exam.

Classes are either at my house (in Moscow), or you have - your choice.
Below is a photo and a tutor

now the poor girl does not know how to defend from orgomnoe number of people who want to learn :), oh ... I want to college!
can read what people think about it


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