This drink's beauty is a champion in content of fatty acids

Sunflower seeds – this is an amazing product. The biological value of the seed is higher than the value of the eggs or meat, they are digested and absorbed much easier.

Vitamin D in them than in cod liver oil, which has always been considered the richest source; the substances contained in the seeds, improve skin and mucous membranes, normalize their acid-alkaline balance. That is why the sunflower seeds are often used in cosmetics.


In the proteins of seeds contains many essential amino acids for normal fat metabolism in the body; in the seeds is a lot of unsaturated fatty acids – linoleic, palmitinovoj, oleic, stearic, arachidonic, and others.


• 1 Cup raw sunflower seeds soak overnight (at least 8 hours)

• ¼ Teaspoon vanilla (or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract)

• 1-2 teaspoons maple syrup

• 4 cups water


How to cook:

Soak the seeds overnight.

Then drain the water, rinse the seeds and place in blender.

Add the maple syrup, vanilla and water.

Mix on high speed for 1 minute.

Strain through cheesecloth or specials. pouch.

Ready milk cool and store in the refrigerator no more than 3 days.

Before drinking a milk shake. published

Cook with love!

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