How to educate a scientist or Why burned Granny's greenhouse

Night appeared in the sky an ominous sign. The sight was incomprehensible and therefore terrible. People were talking, discussing what troubles to expect in the future, children, adults awakened, was crying — the situation grew tense. A comet with a red eye suddenly started to fall right in their small village. And not just in the garden Anne Newton. Isaac pulled up in the kite strings with a lighted lantern inside...

While in high school, the boy lived with the pharmacist, in the evenings I watched with interest intricate the process of making powders. The schoolmaster, Henry Stokes, loving, smart student, worked with him separately, giving solve intricate tasks. But the mother has done its job — after three years of study took his son home, raise a running economy.


Once rose a strong storm — broken branches, bent derevya And Isaac decided to put his first scientific experience: to measure the strength of the wind. For this he was jumping on the newly dug beds — first the wind, then against it, measuring the length of his jumps and determining the difference. The experiment was successful but not from the point of view of a mother: the trampled beds led her in horror. What do you think happened next? Henry Stokes was not able to come to terms with the fact that his best student is digging a vegetable garden and tending the cattle, and persuaded a desperate Anna Newton Isaac to return to school.

"Well, Newton, you might say. Such a little". Yes, of course. Although...

The unborn child is not familiar with the world. For him, everything around is interesting and unclear. All day he does know the world, surprised, tries, makes discoveries and gains experience.

That's the kind of story told Janusz Korczak in one of his books. Four-year-old carries a pot of water in the other room. The door is closed. The kid stops in disbelief. Before him an insurmountable obstacle, he had to make a discovery, which he may remember for a lifetime. But the grandmother rushes to his aid, opens the door and inadvertently deprives the child of the opening.

Starting with surprise before flying butterflies, growing people gradually sets and other questions: "Why the magnet attracts? Why the ice turns into water? Who are comets and where do they come?" These questions lead him to encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books.

Working with children every day, I never cease to marvel at the fact that in a world where, apparently, all have been opened, continue to be open. Right before your eyes...

Do boys on the catamaran. Start an activity, and then Glory with a question from the category "wrong time":
— The sled is different from the snow?
— I don't know, the design is different. Why would you anyway, now begins the lesson.
I don't know how to increase the speed...
— Wait a minute. Let's hold on after classes, not like on the go. Is?

After the lesson, hurries to the Board for a long time looking for the marker, thinking aloud:
And what is the difference between a sled from the snow? The sled runners are long and narrow, and the snow is wide. You know sleds go faster and slower scooter due to friction.
Great, but what is a catamaran? — pretend that you have no idea.
— Well, of course! — young Explorer a little turned on. — To increase the speed, we need floats — long and narrow to sail better and still without a single clue smooth-prahladka. I even saw the book as water flows past different items! and, to my surprise, draws a wide body and a swirl, then narrow, with a smooth flow.
Once you have an idea, need to try. Do a sample for the experiment.

Many years watching the kids, I could not come to some conclusions that I want to share, and perhaps they will help you as you help me.

1. It is important to allow the child to make a discovery is to refrain from hints help when he here to open come to that.
2.There are no issues of "not in time". If you have a question, then, why it is important. So, this is the most important.
3. Don't miss the moment when the child is at an impasse and without your help it will not work (we, the adults, in order, perhaps, and need not to teach but to guide).

Good news! Oh, Yes, Hello...
Hello! Well, tell me.
— To increase the speed we need on a catamaran the second Bank and the adjusting bolts...
— Wait-wait, what's the point?
— I made a cardboard box around the tank, put it in a jar of water, poured water in the jar and in a box and put down the candle.
— What?
— The water in the box was boiled and evaporated before he went pairs of banks. So, heat is emitted into the air, it is necessary to collect.

Think: "it's the thermodynamics of heat loss during heating, and "collect" — well, surely will offer reflector".

— Need a second Bank, shiny inside, it will heat from the candle back to distribute the tank with water. Boiling is better, the jet of steam will be stronger to disperse the catamaran.
— But you can still put an inertia motors...

The barred Warbler is still open this knowledge to the world, they're described in the books or not, and tell him that it's not news, means to stop his search, his research. And he continues to do day after day, he, like Newton or Leibniz...

Of course, it is difficult to resist in order to warn, to protect.
— Look, what a flame! — said Nikita, showing a disassembled lighter.
— Nikita, what did you do that? I say strictly and you remember yourself as a child...

... Hastily assembled pieces of wood in the grill wouldn't ignite. Lighter on the outcome. What to do, because soon it will be grandma? Plastic bottle drew attention. The inscription "flammable" — means lit. Will pour more so techno And the lid should close all of a sudden the wind will blow. Flick a lighter, and from the mouth of the dragon, flames exploded from the grill. The word "Gee!" froze on my lips, and we scattered in different directions.

For a long time we could not put out grandma's greenhouse. Dimka guiltily and fearfully flapped burnt eyelashes, but then, as trophies from the battlefield, quite collected the charred tomatoes: "I did it!"

— Look, what a flame! — said Nikita, showing a disassembled lighter.
— Great! Why do you do it?
— We for experiments useful.
— We let this "superserials" save to travel to nature, it's unlikely it will come in handy — say, relenting.

No matter what in life will become a child: architect, Director, scientist, engineer, geologist, it is important that from childhood on whole life was a thirst to discover, to go beyond the face of the unknown, to find a new strength and share their ideas, discoveries, dreams. He was not afraid to be "different", but rather, looking for like-minded people and together with them went to the place where "no foot of man".

Our children were not created for a quiet life. Each of them is the fate very much. Let's help them! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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