In Uzbekistan, solar power station launched

In early 2016 in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan the company "ERIELL" in cooperation with the company "ENESOL successfully completed the installation and launched into operation which has no analogues in CIS mobile, Autonomous solar power plant of 1.2 mW. Projects of Kandym field of the company "LUKOIL" had developed a comprehensive solution for deploying and installing a mobile solar power station with capacity of 1200 kW/h for continuous energy production facilities and construction infrastructure, located away from the Central power supply networks.

The application of the most modern solutions and technologies for solar energy brought the total capacity of the plant up to 5,000 kW during daylight hours and 1000 kW at night, which for comparison, is sufficient for the stable electricity supply of a small town with 1.5 thousand inhabitants. Launched in a system of mobile solar power is a complete solution for large-scale electricity production. The use of containers with equipment on the cellular principle, the installation of screw piles simplify transportation, installation, maintenance and subsequent dismantling of the power plant and eliminate the need for concrete works. According to experts, commissioned the new plant is the largest ever undertaken in the CIS Autonomous and mobile solar power.

Established in 2014 the company "ENESOL (OAE) develops and implements projects in the field of "green energy", for the purification and desalination of water using solar energy for domestic and industrial needs in remote places, mountainous and desert areas. published


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