Solar power station instead of the airport

Natural disasters are known problems with nuclear power forced the Japanese authorities to urgently develop the technology of obtaining energy from alternative, especially renewable sources.

However, the Japanese Islands are inhabited so thickly that on account of literally every inch of the territory, and sometimes it's hard to find an empty place to build large-scale solar farm. Recently announced that on the island of Kyushu will be the first Japanese solar power plant on a former airport.

Japan entered into force the law on the subsidization of alternative renewable energy, according to which from 1 July 2012 the clean energy offers subsidies several times higher than those paid in their country the German government.

Given the current energy revolution taking place in Germany, it is easy to assume that supported by effective financial policies of the Japanese plans to increase the share of alternative sources in energy production structure in the early 20-ies of the 20% seem quite feasible.

However, the development of solar energy projects requires the free territories for placing photovoltaic panels. The problem can imagine. The population of Japan is about the same as in Russia, but the terrain commensurate with the size of Belarus.

Makurazaki airport opened in January 2001, near the eponymous city on the island of Kyushu. At the time, it was the first suburban airport project in the country. However, after only 12 years it is going to close due to financial problems. An additional incentive for closing the air port is the reaction of the locals who do not want to use the services of the airport, but even to endure his presence near their homes.

Developed territory with developed infrastructure has attracted investors. Financial group Orix and Kyudenko engineering Corporation decided to join forces to create a joint venture to build solar power plant on the released area.

A similar project – the first in Japan. It is planned that the management of the solar panels will be made from the building of the present airport terminal. There are viewing platforms for tourists and educational exhibits on the principles and equipment of solar energy, its importance for environmental protection. In addition, the building are going to build an astronomical Observatory, are also available to tourists.

The peak power of the solar farm will be 8.5 MW. Solar fields with a total area of about 129000 square meters will be located 59480 photovoltaic panels capable of producing 9860 KW/h of electricity per year, enough to supply 2740 conventional households.

It is expected that construction of the facility will begin in March 2014. Having the necessary experience, both companies created a joint venture hope to expand their field of activities into other renewable energy projects.


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