Recumbent with electric motor

The electric car is not a luxury but an effective and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Unfortunately, the price level for modern cars with electric motors doesn't quite fit into the formula.

But you can fight if properly prioritize. With limited resources we must choose what is more important, comfort or conservation? Three-wheeled novelty ELF is a cheap and efficient electric vehicle that allows people not just to travel from point A to point B, but also their own physical effort to contribute to the maintenance of purity on the planet.

ELF velomobile with an electric motor. The owner will be able to choose to pedal or use electricity. However, he did not have to charge the battery, replenishing the supply of energy from an unknown source. The recumbent has its own charger built-in solar photovoltaic panels.

A prototype three-wheeled environmentally friendly vehicle was presented by the company Organic Transit out of North Carolina. Recumbent – the product an individual intended for one person. In addition to the driver's seat there is a trunk capable of holding several shopping bags.

The basis of design – aluminum frame. On it is mounted the body of composite material, equipped windshield from polycarbonate. Like any real vehicle, the velomobile is equipped with electric lights. Her work does not require high energy costs, because the system is built on the LEDs.

Electrical equipment is powered by a lithium battery weight 3.6 kg. It still has enough capacity to 750-watt motor was able to move the driver and the vehicle to a distance of 48 kilometers. However, you can expand the "radius of action" if to -- to lay on the pedal. In addition, an extra battery.

For charging from a standard outlet is enough two hours. But there is another way to maintain the necessary charge level. On the roof of the velomobile installed a 60 watt photovoltaic panel.

The performance efficiency of the baby on top. Energy consumption is not equivalent to 1800 miles on a single gallon of gasoline (0,13 l/100 km).

Among other features ELF – disc brakes and standard 26-inch wheels in the style of a mountain bike. They allow the speed to 32 km/h, which is defined by the American Federal rules, according to the classification which applies to the ELF Bicycle with motor. The total weight of the velomobile – 45 kg with battery.

While ELF is not available in shops. Rob cotter (Rob Cotter), founder of Organic Transit plans to begin production by collecting investments with the help of a Kickstarter project. Kotter hopes that the price of pedal cars from the first batch of 100 pieces will fit into the $4000.


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