PodRide strange recumbent from Sweden

At the presentation of the Tesla Model 3 called "mass electric". It is clear that for the Mask $35 million is pocket money, but the rest live in a different reality. Many will not even afford ultrabudgetary new release from JMK-Innovation: four-wheel recumbent with an electric motor in one coltish power (250 W 0,33 HP) and tent top (with a soft casing to protect from rain and wind).

PodRide looks like a machine from an amusement Park, but the fun is more. It really can drive on the roads and not the best quality.

Electric velomobiles have become the further development of the idea of pedicabs. Many of these homemade products are manufactured worldwide, and projects the small-scale production often found on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other crowdfunding platforms. Development, collect the whole world, then to happy customers collected their own, modifying a file.

PodRide trailer

Three wheels for compactness or four for stability, the frame is lighter, chain drive, pedals, handlebar, seat, foldable canopy of the rain – that's the whole recumbent. Oh Yes! Forgot the most important thing – the electric motor with a capacity of one dying horse and a battery for it. Really all they are?

Trunk PodRide

Swedish designer and (thankfully!) engineer Michael Kjellman (Mikael Kjellman) decided to contribute and joined the technological Cabinet of curiosities is a new model. His creation PodRide accommodates a passenger, but still the truck pulls behind him with the Luggage. In the cabin-the place for the bulk of the backpack is not. Behind the driver has only a small compartment for purses.

Tired PodRide you can just take it home.

Weight PodRide was even less than that of its inventor – 70 kg. the height of the velomobile is 145 cm and the maximum width is 75 cm due to the trapezoidal shape of the body stretch it a little RUB in the shoulders, but effectively leans forward at landing and on potholes.

PodRide — recumbent convertible

The driver sits on the cushioned seat with a back. All information about the trip is displayed on a couple of displays, one of which serves as screen of the smartphone. In PodRide there is even a heated windshield and wipers (with manual drive) the fan to prevent fogging of plastic Windows.

Swedish innovation: hand-janitor

On an aluminum frame with pneumatic suspension and four fixed wheels diameter 20" Front turns and the rear spinning motor, 14-speed chain transmission (two asterisks in front and seven rear). Running the motor in the "assistant", helping the driver to pedal and climbing. Part of the track without bias PodRide can accelerate to 25 km/h and travel up to 60 km on a single charge.

A good bike can go faster and farther, but in winter or in inclement weather to ride in PodRide clearly more comfortable. It does not get wet in the rain, remain sheltered from the wind and forbidding trolls the DMV. At home, the inventor has registered it as a bike and riding anywhere without insurance and risk losing your driver's license.

The same PodRide, rear view

Also it is easier to ride on snow and sand because of the four wheels, and lighting equipment it is possible to put more than on the bike. Even inside, there is led illumination to not so bad to go.

Zero visibility, go on instruments

Estimated developer mass-produced PodRide will cost about $2845. For $200 at the stage of collecting funds it is possible to PodRide drawings in digital format and the license to manufacture two machines. For $300, respectively, three. Paid a thousand bucks to get them back as discount plus a 20% discount... if PodRide will generally go in the series, of course. published

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