How not to go crazy, surviving alone

For a person for a long time was one on one with yourself in the unfortunate situation of one of the main tasks — to stay sane. The weakening of mental health for a long stressful period spent in isolation, should not be a surprise, because very few are able to endure the forced solitude.

Such a situation destroys the emotional background of surviving, making it overly anxious and aggressive. A person can also learn fears, paranoia, obsession, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts that arose, even those who were placed in conditions of physical and social isolation in experiments.

These 5 tips will help you cope with such a powerful stress load and not lose his mind in a survival situation alone.

Tip 1. Find higher meaning

If you are a religious person, think of what happens to you as a test — recall, for example, described in the old Testament the suffering of job, against which the severity of your conditions will greatly fade.

If you don't believe in any higher power, then try to find the positive aspects in the experience of survival, which you had to face. For example, try to remember what you do when you return to a normal life, it will be possible to write a great book.

  Tip 2. To anthropomorphize a objects

This is what reads the meaning of the word "would be anthropomorphizing" — to animals and inanimate nature can be treated like people.You need to talk to someone other than yourself to brain worked fine and has not lost the ability to talk. The most famous example of such equipment — volleyball Wilson, who was friends with the character of Tom Hanks in the movie "Outcast". In real life there were cases when the missing climbers spoke to the mountain.

  Tip 3. Find pet

Yachtsman Steve Callahan, in 1982, crashed and 76 days alone crossing the Atlantic ocean on an inflatable raft, told me that treat the surrounding fish as Pets. He gave them names, talked to them as if it was his dog.

  Tip 4. Train your memory

About this way to keep sanity wrote one of the prisoners of the Gulag Alexander Dolgan. While in solitary confinement he began to read to himself lectures on world geography, reproducing in memory knowledge on population, industry, precipitation, vegetation, rivers, cities, political structure, and many aspects.

"Almost every day, I recounted the plot of the film. The film "13 Rue Madeleine" was my favorite. It was a story about the Gestapo, the military and saboteurs landing in occupied France. I virtually watched this movie several times. Came to the conclusion that with each new viewing of the film emerge new details. After a while I could easily write a script to him," — he wrote in his memoirs.

Remember your favourite works or inventory of knowledge, for example, about survival, in my own mind.

  Tip 5. Take creativity

Deliberately begin to think aloud. When very long the social isolation it ever begins of itself, and for the prevention of mental disorders is better to resort to this in advance. Engage in oratory, maintain proficiency in a foreign language and engage in intellectual creativity (because its products no one will be able to deprive you while you are of sound mind). Creativity is the best way of preventing mental disorders in isolation.


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