10 striking disasters

Since today is Friday, 13 no horror stories did not do.

1. Invasion of snakes in San Pierre

Volcanic Activity "Bald Mountain" overlooking the city of Saint-Pierre, Martinique, was usually so insignificant that no one paid attention to the fresh steaming vents and shake the earth in April 1902 In the meantime, in early May it began a steady ash rain, and the air came the sickening smell of sulfur. As a result, more than a hundred pit viper vipers crawled out of their hiding places on the mountainside, as they become uninhabitable, and filled one of the neighborhoods of San Pierre, populated by mulattos. Poisonous 6-foot snake killed 50 people and innumerable animals before they were finally destroyed by huge street cats. But it was only beginning. The fifth of May, a huge landslide, which consists of boiling mud, splashed into the sea, causing a tsunami that killed several hundred people. Finally, three days later - May 8, volcano erupted, in which the number of murderous white-hot lava went straight into the city. Within three minutes, the city was completely razed to the ground. Of the total population of 30,000 people, only two survived.
2. Panic in the Church Shiloh Baptist Church

Two thousand people - mostly black, crowded into the church of Shiloh Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, September 19, 1902, to hear the appeal of Booker T. Washington. Brick church was built recently. The front door was connected with the rise of chants for a flight of stairs, enclosed in brick. After the speech, Washington began a squabble over places of employment, and the word «fight» (fight) was adopted because of the word «fire» (fire). As if on cue, all the congregation jumped to their feet and rushed to the stairs. Those who got to her first, began to push back, and they began to fall. Other falls directly on them while screaming of bodies is not formed a pile height of 10 feet, completely blocked the passage. Attempts by Washington and church officials urge people to remain calm did not bear fruit, and they could only watch helplessly as their brothers and sisters, but mainly sisters or suffocated or were trampled to death. In fact, there was no fire, not even a fight, but 115 people died.
3. Large-scale flooding of molasses in Boston

Fifteenth January 1919, workers and residents of the northern district of Boston - mostly Irish and Italians took to the streets, enjoying the afternoon sun an unusually warm day. Suddenly, warning currently only short-lived low roar, a huge cast-iron tank Purity Distilling Company burst, and a great wave of raw black molasses two stories high, collapsed on the street Commercial Street, and poured on the surrounding areas of the port. Neither pedestrians nor horse rides could not overtake her. Two million gallons of molasses, intended for the production of rum, swallowed a lot of people - 21 people, among whom were men, women and children, were killed by asphyxiation, another 150 were injured. Feed destroyed several buildings and brought down the overpass elevated railway. Horses are not swallowed molasses, so much stuck in a sticky mass that police had to shoot them. Onlookers who came to look at all this chaos had to go in the molasses. On the way home they were separated sticky substance all over the city. A week in Boston smelled of molasses and brown port remained until the summer.
4. The gas tank explosion in Pittsburgh

The huge cylindrical gas tank - at that time the largest in the world, located in the heart of the industrial area of ​​Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a leak. On the morning of November 14, 1927 a few repairmen began to look for her, using a blowtorch to open flame. Apparently, they found her about 10 hours - a reservoir containing 5 million. Cubic feet of natural gas, flew into the air like a balloon and exploded. Chunks of metal, some weighing more than 100 pounds, flew a great distance. A combined effect of air pressure and fire destroyed everything within a square mile. Twenty-eight people were killed and several hundred were wounded.
5. Demonstrations firefighters Gillingham


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