Ten most expensive disasters

Titanic - $ 150 Million h6>

One of the most famous disasters cost just $ 150 million (in today's money).

Tanker and Bridge - $ 358 million h6>

August 26, 2004 car crashed into a full tanker which caught fire and exploded, destroying the bridge. The cost of reconstruction - 358 million dollars.

Train Collision $ 500 million h6>

September 12, 2008 in California, two trains collided. 25 people were killed, money-losing company MetroLink totaled $ 500 million (including payments to families of victims)

The Fall of B-2 bomber $ 1, 4 billion h6>

B-2 bombers, made by stealth technology, crashed Feb. 23, 2008. Flames destroyed almost the entire plane. Both pilots ejected and survived.

Oil spill tanker Exxon Valdez - $ 2, 5 billion h6>


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