How to grow blackberries

Nice in summer to feast on fragrant black berry. BlackBerry garden is one of those crops that can be grown anywhere, although the time of its reproduction, depending on the growing conditions will be different.

BlackBerry needs support. Adult bushes I'm doing a two-sided trellis with a distance of 120 cm between the supports which are on opposite sides from them. Wire strung at a height of 50 cm, 100 cm and 150 cm. Young shoots direct from the hive closer to the ground and fasten them so they are not shaded fruit-bearing branches.

Immediately after harvest, cut otplodonosivshih stems, burn them and all crop residues, clearing of the base of the plants, dug with a fork the soil around them. And then mulch it with compost, peat and pine total litter layer up to 20 cm by adding a bit of mineral fertilizers.


Reproduction topsblackberries are Propagated by rooting the tops of shoots when you can already bend to the ground. Around the Bush slightly loose soil, put mulch (humus, peat) layer 15-20 cm, well-watered and do 10-15 cm of the recess. With the shoot apex removed to five leaflets. Do this carefully as the top part of the escape fragile. In the prepared soil vertically put escape, covered it with earth and carefully crimped by hand. For successful rooting, maintain soil in a moist condition. About the beginning of the establishment can be judged by the appearance of the shoots of lateral branches. But strong roots are formed in a month.

Separating the young plant from the parent plant and plant it in a permanent place both in autumn and spring. I transplanted the seedlings with a lump of earth.

Reproduction green cuttingsAre that way too. For planting cuttings the bed is prepared, add the substrate of humus and sand with ash. Along the beds set up the boards with a height of 20 cm Cuttings cut at the end of June from growth this year. Shoots are harvested early in the morning and immediately cut them into cuttings with three buds, leaving the bottom sheet. Cuttings then kept for 12 hours in a solution of "Alpin". The lower cut of the cutting obscure garden pitch.


Put the handle "upside down". On the surface of the earth only has one kidney with a sheet. Cuttings include rows at a distance of 10-12 cm from one another. After planting and watering are placed between rows of spruce branches (can be branch of any other bushes), large weeds so that the soil doesn't dry out and the cuttings does not overheat. You can additionally cover them with plastic film and nonwoven material.

In dry weather water the cuttings 2-3 times a day. Appeared the young leaves show the development of the root system. Cover leave to rooting. From time to time pull a new branch.

Strong, well-developed seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place in late August – early September. And the rest are sent to rearing in the second year. published


Author: Ludmila ZADOROZHNAYA


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