The secrets of happiness! 8 daily habits that will make You happier and healthier!

Most of us are accustomed to a certain way of your life very quickly. Daily routine draws some people into the web, from which it is difficult to get out. Others prefer to play the role of spider climbing around himself an invisible barrier between the inner world and the society.

How to escape from captivity and find their happiness? How to find the strength not to isolate yourself from the world, and let him into your heart and learn to live in harmony with creation?

The problem is that many of us feel the pressure, overcoming difficulties on the path to socialization and self-improvement. People tend to set myself too high goals that are unlikely to achieve.

But what if you try yourself in the role of the artist, and life to present a blank canvas on which you can write all your dreams and goals, and using simple things to try to translate them into reality? How You ask?

The answer is simple – the secrets of happiness! 8 daily habits that will make You happier and healthier!

Believe it or not, but these are really small habits can change your life quite radically.

1. Begin your day with the most important things.

First things first start your day with an activity that is vital to the future of the day. It can be prayer. Or setting intentions. Set yourself specific tasks that are relevant right now. Do not think and worry about the global crisis or the collapse of the course. This is just wasting your energy. Aim the intention to benefit for themselves.

2. Kindness

Do your best to show your kindness. Be kind to everyone with whom you come in contact. Be it a taxi driver or your boss. Learn to appreciate others for who they are. Don't judge people by what they can do for you, try to commit yourself to someone a good deed.

3. Healthy sleep

Go to bed every night with sufficient time for a full eight hours of sleep in the morning Wake up fresh and rested. Sleep is very important for the health of the organism as a whole. Try to sleep as early as possible. It is proved that there are watches that allow the human body to relax as possible. And it's true! The most important revelation, most brilliant discoveries, done in the hours when the world still sleeps. Wake up early to not miss your inspiration!

4. Learn to say "no"

People often on the machine says "Yes" without having how to think. Learn to say "no." Allow yourself 24 hours to think it over, "hook up" with the thoughts in my head. In the end only agree with what fits your life mission — what you like, and make your life better.

5. Movement is life

Find time for daily physical activity. Try something new, be it a morning jog, yoga for lunch, or an evening stroll. Better yet, bring a friend and enjoy the company of a loved one.

6. Find joy in the simple things

Many of the things that make our life beautiful, it is actually absolutely free! Just need to be able to find joy in the simple things. Beautiful sunrise, playing with a cute puppy, gentle touch of a loved one or smile of a stranger. Looking for clues in children, they enjoy every moment.

7. Practice Declutter

Without our intervention, very quickly accumulated a lot of unwanted energy and material waste. It is therefore very important to get rid of the unnecessary things that block the cosmic flow. Don't be afraid to give even valuable. Let the cleaning of your closet, will enter you into a routine habit. This practice will help you to get rid of dependence on material things in your life.

8. Thank life

Be grateful for life! Get yourself in the habit of saying thank you for all that gives you peace. Never take things for granted. In fact studies show that the immense gratitude really is the key to lifelong happiness. Before sleep find at least three things for which you want to thank the past day.

I think you will agree with me that all these habits are quite simple. And best of all, start practicing them today. And very soon your secrets of happiness will be revealed! published


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