In captivity food: 5 ways to get out of gluttony

During the holidays, overeating becomes a habit – an endless stream of Goodies boosts appetite and we "obsess" on food. How to get back to a healthy diet? Giorgio Nardone, Italian psychotherapist, a specialist in working with eating disorders and author of "captive of the food," offers a seemingly absurd ways.

However, they are very effective. In Italy, Nardone celebrity, and therapy using his method successfully passed hundreds of people. The main principle of "Bring the situation to the point of absurdity and you solve the problem."

1. Five times more

The Chinese have a saying "to extinguish the fire, adding wood." Following her, Nardone developed a provocative appointment – you are prescribed a balanced diet of your choice (1500-2000 kcal per day) and during meals eat whatever you want. But if you decide to deviate from the plan and had a bite between meals, you must eat it five times the size/quantity.

For example, if you eat chocolate, have to eat 5 chocolates. If you eat a piece of cake — 5 pieces of cake, neither one more nor one less. "That is you, avoid snacking between meals or eat five times more, says Nardone. – As a rule, after we ask the patient to follow this pattern, they are 1-2 times eat five times more, and then cease to do so, because to overeat, following the instruction, not as nice as it was before." This technique trains the skill to manage the situation and develops a healthy control in the relationship with food.

2. Only what brings pleasure

Our brain is crowded with numerous "impossible" and "harmful" about the food. But the more we restrict, the stronger the desire to break taboos. Try a whole week only eating what you really want out of pure enjoyment. Discard all inhibitions and allow yourself to get maximum enjoyment. Avoid what you don't like just because it is "correct", i.e. low-calorie, healthy food.

"No restrictions – no temptations, Nardone. — If I allow myself something, I can refuse it. If I'm not willing to give up becomes impossible." Reception develops the skill to get pleasure from high-quality food and thus allows you to restore a harmonious relationship with food. When we begin to look at food from the point of view of pleasure, not of debt ("I should eat broccoli because it is useful", "I can't have cake because it has a lot of sugar and fat"), the desire to overeat disappears.

3. A small digression

The more stringent limits you ask yourself, the more tempted to eat "forbidden" food. If, instead, create order, which involves a slight mess, you will no longer need to have limitations and to be tempted.

Little mess allows to avoid a large. A few slices of chocolate or a couple cookies keep the system in balance and protect against breakdowns. "Schedule yourself a retreat from the regime (chocolate, couple of cookies, a serving of ice cream) every other day – definitely new and definitely delicious," recommends, Nardone. If you manage every day to consciously afford a little retreat, they will help you not to lose control over food in General.

4. The fear of hunger

Many believe that the best way to lose weight – starvation. The longer I fast, the more you'll lose weight. But this logic does not work: after starving a while, we will sooner or later lose control and overeat. This is why starvation is the worst, not the best way to lose weight. "You are making incredible efforts to not eat, and then suddenly all mess up – even worse, even more fat," explains Nardone. – We must once and forever learn that fasting inevitably opens the door to gluttony. Whenever you refrain from eating, you are preparing the next bout of gluttony".

The solution is to consciously cultivate the fear of starvation. When you have a desire to go hungry, remind yourself that the best way not to fall into gluttony, is to avoid starvation.

5. If

Often excess weight is the result of the binding of stress, anxiety, our dissatisfaction, insecurity, lack of joy, love, warmth in life. Nardone, offers a simple exercise.

Every morning when we wash, dress, prepare to leave home, ask yourself the question: "How would I have acted/behaved differently than usual, if I felt/feel confident in dealing with other people"? Among all that comes to mind, select the smallest, insignificant thing and make it. For example, if you normally shy to joke, to look in the eye, smile, say Hello first, wearing more bold makeup – give yourself a promise to do it at least once during the day.


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Every day do a specific action as if you were 100% confident, and every day choose something new. Gradually, you will restore your confidence and stop to seize small trouble.published


Author: Ksenia Tatarnikova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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