Wooden house: the arguments "for" and "against"

For those who have zagashnike accumulated 6 600 000 SEK in the rustic wilderness of Sweden sold the wooden house. Earlier this place was a school. The house is only 10 years.

Kitchen — the dream of every housewife. The height of the ceiling of 8.5 meters.



The basis of the house — logs 20 cm thick

What like is gently whitewashed walls. Still, natural wooden color in the gloomy time of year adds to the facilities of the gloom.

Color of cabinets — egg tempera.

The wooden houses are obvious plus — aesthetics and eco-friendliness. On plaster walls it is possible to save.


On the upper floors the floors are made of spruce. They say that over the years, the spruce becomes more saturated tone..


But there are a bunch of cons. First, low fire-resistance. Dry wood will ignite in a second. Yet the fire coming from the house will not remain a trace.

Second, the dependence on species and origin of wood. Farther North and colder the area, the wood is stronger. In Russia you can slip the logs, felled in the summer, undermined by the beetle, with internal cracks, and even smelling the fumes from a fire that passed near.

Thirdly, since wood breathes, in order to lay tile in the bathroom without the potential of cracking, you need to wait 10 years, when the house finally sits down.

Fourth, home from a bar is easier, then, seems to be cheaper (don't need the Foundation as a brick home to build). But it is cheap only at first glance. Impregnation of wood from rain and insects will be cheap. These treatments need regular repeating. )

Windows and doors — the sore place of a wooden frame. Torment loops to adjust and the cracks in the frames of plugging, as the house "breathes". )





A plot of 20 acres. Construction is 264 square meters.

The nearest settlement is the village of 7 km away from home, but the school bus comes right by the house to the children to pick up.

Photo from Maklar Huset.

Conclusion: houses of wood attracted his naturalness and aesthetics, but in the content of the trouble can not be avoided. For the lazy homeowner's only option is brick in the company of concrete. published

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