MERCEDES-BENZ will launch a series of hydrogen crossover

Mercedes-Benz at a special event in Stuttgart presented the prototype of the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-cell, which will be a serial in the next year. Due to some design features of the manufacturer called the first prototype in the world.

The production version of the hydrogen crossover first in the world among similar vehicles can move only on electric, not Cycling the fuel cell. Mercedes-Benz plans to provide serial GLC F-cell the ability to charge the batteries from a household outlet, so electric it will be able to drive up to 48 km.

Hydrogen, the main means for energy, the prototype carbon stored in two tanks under pressure of 700 bar. It is argued that the General reserve of the prototype is 500 km away, and replenishment of hydrogen takes about 3 minutes – thus, according to these parameters GLC F-cell is comparable to crossovers with traditional internal combustion engines.

Dynamic characteristics of the prototype is not yet known, but we know that he has only one electric motor, which drives the rear wheels. While it is unlikely that commercially available hydrogen fuel cell SUV will get another motor that could provide him with all-wheel drive.

Sales of the production model Mercedes-Benz plans to begin by the end of next year in some markets, which will also include, for example, Germany, UK, Japan and the United States. The estimated price is still unknown, but one of the managers jürgen Schenk had mentioned that they will be acceptable to customers. published


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