Small shrubs for your area

As for the choice of shrubs, you should choose plant exotic and unpretentious:

Compendium – you should choose low-growing species. It is photophilous and drought-resistant plants in hot summer should be sure plenty of water. To winter compendium does not freeze, and tie its breathable material.

Camellia – especially good in the flowering period, which lasts from late autumn to mid-spring. Bright sun Camellia does not like, it should be planted near a fence, wall or other higher plant.

Spirea – has gracefully drooping branches, which during flowering, from late may to June is literally strewn with bright pink flowers. Spiraea differ from the other flowering shrubs not only his appearance, but unpretentiousness to growing conditions. The only thing that requires a plant – it's planting, weeding, and loosening the soil around it.

Mock orange has creamy white flowers and a strong fragrance, so often it is confused with Jasmine. Mock orange is a very sun-loving and water-loving plant. But if in the spring you will give the Bush a neat shape, then begin an active growth of shoots of plants. All this will promote abundant flowering and rapid growth of fine shrubs.

You can safely choose small shrubs that can be planted on the site to your taste.

The main thing that was observed landing conditions. If a plant does not take root, so that doesn't go there, look for another option.

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